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  1. Bought this airport today.. Since I use Ortho for the Entire Europe, I was very happy to see it proved a patch for Ortho photos. Sadly it does not work at all. Tried the normal approach which have worked for all other airports Placed the patch in the patch folder with the correct folder structure. Patch is applied in log as normal, but in terms of how it looks, now there is another story. It creates a huge hole in the middle of the scenery making it absolutely useless. This is with included mesh removed. If the mesh is incorporated, it removes all the mesh which I think the patch should fix. Sadly it does not do that. Airport apron Nearby rivers Nearby lake Ortho works.. Any idea on how this can be fixed as it is truly a very nice airport, without ortho, the scenery is pretty much useless to me, which I truly hope can be fixed so I can continue to use my product. Cheers guys Tom
  2. Operating system: Linux PopOS Simulator: X-Plane 11 11.5 Screenshot: Issue: I can't get any Orbx products to load. It is a new install of X-plane. I had a folder of Orbx libraries installed already. I tried to delete all of those and create a new library, but no success. Wh central.log
  3. You are about to post into the X Plane 11 BUG REPORT forum. This forum is for reporting BUGS in a working Orbx X Plane 11 product. A BUG is defined as a product that is working as it should but there is a problem with the working product. Please review your request before posting into this forum. A request for support with a product that does not work should be placed into the X Plane 11 Support forum.
  4. Many thanks to @olderndirt for giving me directions to the dam. It was a very cool flight Orbx TE Washington Freeware Hughes 500D I usually don't like freeware but unlike P3D in XP there's a huge dearth of quality payware complex helicopters. I started at Mears aka Concrete Muni, 3W5 and flew to the Skagit River and the dam. Renault's water mod looks great This is the first time in all my True Earth travels that I was literally blown away by the sheer rugged beauty of these mountains. Orbx did a fantastic job here. It was awe inspiring. Seriously. A mere spec in these giant mountains. Attempted to land here but had a "yard sale" instead.
  5. X-Plane Orbx's Monument Valley Cobra Now this is a nice car! Let's do some dirt running. Oops, blew my tires! One thing XP has WAY over P3D is the road traffic. Need some motion lotion! Hit it! Now open it up! Faster!! Dang! This car is fast! Wheeeeeeeeeee! No worries, it's a 0000007 car Flame boost
  6. Hi Jarrad, Just for your information and possible inclusions in a future service pack. Seeing the screenshot below, could you include the fence around LOJO, and make Dolly's surface landable? Thanks in advance Master, Cheers,
  7. Missing textures: Autogen3_ALB.png and a whole subfolder of them ../sea-tac_textures_2048/ Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  8. Somewhere in the PNW. Where? Paint available: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/52398-cessna-c172sp-n2612j/
  9. Beautiful Nantucket, it's really this nice in real life.
  10. G-BWJL "Spirit of Zephyrus" (Meaning "Spirit of the Wind") out of Shoreham heading for Cardiff cought over the South Downs... Aircraft is Carenado C172
  11. Yesterday before I got my pedals back. So this is a flight without pedals, not easy at all. Also testing UWXP 2.5.1, ASXP, & xVision.
  12. Parked up at Barton, Manchester waiting patiently for the release of the new TE-PNW XP is Cessna N8470S. Sports Cabin In the Hangar Paint available at: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/38166-cessna-172sp-skyhawk-n8470s-for-xp11/ Enjoy
  13. ILS onto runway 30 @ EGFF Cardiff C172 Skyhawk X-Plane Parked up
  14. I think it's a very good idea to release a demo for TE for X-Plane! Everytime I have upgraded my PC the last few years I have downloaded the X-Plane demo from Laminar and almost immediately uninstalled because it looked awful and ran horribly. And everytime I wondered why on earth they couldn't make a better demo. So I continued with P3D. But after TE GB last fall I'm totally converted to X-Plane because with this scenery the sim comes to life and is hands down the best you can get at the moment imho. So now finally Laminar has a good demo to show their great sim with. /Magnus
  15. Hello, many thank´s from your help with the explanations of Nick Cooper. It was easy to take back the FTX Central 3, but inhapiness I continue with the same problem: I can´t install the scenery True Earth Great Britain South for X-Plane 11 in my computer with OS windows 10 Home 64Bits. To install it with FTX Central it´s imposible, as by default the installation is in disk C and I havn´t space for it. Then I have to use the manually install. After so many efforts I got it, but from the ORBX direct home page. So, I get the file in the download folder of my computer, but I have to install it in an external disk. In the FTX Central I choose install from my manually install zip file, the problem is I can choose the path, the destination disk name and if it is neccessary to creat a folder, or not. So, in conclusion I got the file zip to install already in my computer: What are the procedures to install the scenery in an external disk in a way to be reconized from the Central an X-Plane Once again, I need your help Kind regards jose
  16. I went to the Turbulent Designs Forum yesterday and found a post from February 7th by Russell Linn stating Turbulent is in the process of updating their X-Plane airports in preparation for moving them to Orbx. If you have any suggestion for upgrades or corrections, now is the time to contact Turbulent. This is great news, and would only be topped by having the newer airports converted to X-Plane. When Jarrad converts his Rocky Mountain airports to X-Plane we will have quite a few places to fly in my favorite part of the US.
  17. Took advantage of the Valentines day offer and picked up Shoreham, Chichester/Goodwood and Southampton this morning so thought I'd take some photos of a flight from Shoreham to Southampton. Hope you enjoy the shots (still learning on how best to take photos in X-plane) On the runway ready to take off: Leaving Shoreham behind: Passing Goodwood: Detour over the estuary: Passengers view of Portsmouth: Coming into land at Southampton:
  18. A bit of fun today thanks to flsm (Frank) Old and new Ending with my own air display over Blackpool Pleasure Beach Hopefully UK viewer are watching the Red Arrows on TV, Channel 5 Wednesday nights. And for our American & Canadian friends they can see them live in 2019 as the first North American Tour Venues have been announced: • Ottawa - Gatineau-Ottawa Airshow • Chicago - Air and Water Show • Atlantic City - Thunder Over The Boardwalk • New York - New York Airshow, Stewart International • Toronto - Canadian International Airshow • St. Louis - Spirit of St. Louis Airshow & STEM Expo • Portland-Hillsboro - The Oregon International Airshow • Los Angeles (Huntington Beach) - The Great Pacific Airshow
  19. A few random shots from today's photo album..
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