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  1. Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but it appears default roads are still showing even if I select transparent roads. Is this a know issue or just me??
  2. I think it may have something to do with sunset or sunrise and the way the sun rays hit the trees. I could be wrong, but I have seen it as well and not just with this scenery.
  3. Thanks. Even without some of these "objects" this is just totally amazing. Well done
  4. I also have the Washington Ortho scenery and those redspots are there as well. So maybe its part of scenery???
  5. I looked at the specific missing textures, One example is the Ramada Hotel Seatac ," TE_USA_RG_Ramada_Seatac_Airport" as shown in the Seatac folder, but the actual texture is not showing in Seatac textures. This is in the Custom folder. It does not affect the actual scenery now error messages. The log just shows failed to find the textures. Hope you guys can fix this. There are a number of textures missing from different folders.
  6. I thought I was going crazy. Same problem here. Have redone the verify files option in FTX central, which keeps downloading about 37gb of data , takes hours. Since Maurice has the same problem maybe some files are missing in the original scenery??
  7. Ofcourse I forgot the conversion process. I quickly had to move files to my D drive. My C drive was almost full. Another 3 hours ! I cant wait anymore Lovely shots by the way. Typical weather for NWP.
  8. Yeah I did the same . Download was slow went to bed and noticed it had stopped I just reset FTX central and is scanning the files downloaded. Hopefully this will work.
  9. With only 1 gb left my download stopped. Cant pause it not sure if this is a server issue. I am on a fixed data plan and dont want to download again
  10. Very nice. I hope its just a server issue. Not sure where to post my questionn
  11. I started downloading last night. This morning the download stopped with only 1 gb left. I assume servers are overloaded?? The option to pause download is not there either
  12. And so we wait:) Looking forwards to getting this scenery. Washington state has always been my favorite, both real and in flight sim . I downloaded the GB demo and I seem to be able to run it without a problem, so I hope I will have same results with Washington. Comp specs, Intel5 3.1 , 32 ram and a Geforce 1660 6 ram.
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