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BUG REPORT - Benbecula problem not addressed

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@Nick Cooper @tonywob


A couple of people have reported that there are houses and structures in the water near Benbecula airport. I reviewed a scenery_packs.ini for a poster and found no errors in layering. I have had a look myself at the area and attach a better pic to show what is being displayed on screen so that an Orbx response can be got.

The Coordinates are:57.49 N/7.28 W near EGPL.

Please take a look and advise if this is an accurate portrayal of the area or if a fix is required. It looks like some ground textures are missing (all files verified) or this area is pretty unique:)


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Hello Jon,





thanks for this report, it looks like the water masking didn't go well in this area.


The roads and houses seem to be in place.


Click on the image to enlarge





It was picked up in beta testing but somehow seems to have slipped under the radar.


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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to BUG REPORT - Benbecula problem not addressed

Sorry boys, but it's not like I show my previous pictures.

Immediately after the start, I found out that there were places on the island that were underwater.

It is a scenery mistake, or the result of global warming will be discovered by the program's developers.






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13 hours ago, Helifan123 said:

I'm sorry to bring this thread up again, but I conducted a flight to Benbecula today and the issue has not been fixed yet. I figure SP1 hasn't been released. Are there any estimates when it will be available?

I confirm that the houses are still in water.

@Tony Wroblewski is there a timeline on the fix or TEGB North update since this was reported in May?

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