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Has ORBX changed your mental flight framework?

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Hi all. One of the primary reasons I got into flight simulation way back in the simple days was that I could get into a plane and  gain some sense of what it would be like to fly it somewhere. As sim sophistication increased, I was delighted to "try out" the planes from our local airports and fly their routes (Seattle to Portland was a favorite). Then ORBX came into play and my reason changed to include the chance to explore the world. I was and am delighted via ORBX to revisit places where I once was stationed, or go see places from the novel I am reading, or follow up on a news story, or get a feel for somewhere no one ever goes. 


How about you? What "hooked" you into flight simulation, and what about it do you enjoy today?

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Well Rodger, it's my body framework that presents the biggest challenge for me these days!

But yes you are on the money with how we have changed the way we fly and what we fly.

ORBX is at the top of their game and with the excellent aircraft that are available to learn

to fly in a most realistic way I think that we are very lucky.

I do have to smile when I read that someone complains that ORBX have modeled their house

with a red roof when any fool can see that is green. Or that, that complex aircraft hasn't got the

correct amount of engine smoke at start up.  May our hobby continue to evolve. I think you can

agree we in safe hands.



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With JV at the helm, this outfit has moved pretty much straight ahead - a couple of momentary stumbles but no loss of flightsim gravitas.  Ever since the VOZ days, this gang has done great things for scenery  and it just keeps getting better.  My "mental flight framework" - that took a hit when they shredded my medical but life goes on :).

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