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Who's up for a challenge?


I have just flown into ENHF Hammerfest driving the Carenado EMB 505 Phenom 300 from ENSO Sorstokken.   The weather wasn't the best.  Thick broken clouds down to about 1000', intermittent rain, and it was getting decidedly gloomy in the late afternoon that far north with a wind of approaching 30kts.


I was using PF3 and ILS to land.  Or so I thought!  Even with the use of the GPS at the first pass I couldn't even see the little town tucked among the hills in an inlet.  Then the ILS failed to lock on and my PF3 co-pilot worse than useless.  She just kept stum and let me get on with it! I flew around manually and finally, found the little town but couldn't see any sign of the runway so around I went again, and finally got lined up on what I guessed to be the runway.  I was really low by that time I could just barely see the unlit runway looking very short.


It turned out to be a lot longer than it looked and with the help of brakes and spoilers the aircraft stopped in plenty of time and I was able to turn it around and found what looked to be the only vacant parking spot.


What an adventure!  One frankly I could have done without after the 810 nm flight in rainy, windy and cloudy weather the whole way.  Apart from that ATC couldn't decide whether they wanted me to fly at 700' or 1500' so it was up and down in every way.


Now I have to figure out how to get out of there and morer to the point where to go!  But that's a question for my next flight.



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Reading  about  your adventure and not being able to locate the airfield , take pride it happens to the best of the flyers . I remember the  day  when an Asian Airline ( Name withheld)  tried to land  in Darwin  and  mistook the MacMillan Road (the  house where  I lived ) as the runway .  I remembered the  noise  the 747 made  but  only read  the story the following days   This could have been  the end of a Frenchman in Australia !


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