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  1. Just a question of mathematics. How can you have 1000 + flights and 6000+ landings? I am puzzled? Cheer Charles
  2. I fly a kite in the backyard, and you can sometime see me flying it at the Yamba beach. Oops you meant planes? That another story, I am an imaginary Captain! But seriously Fly by Wire 320 neoxxx with my de facto 1st Officer from MultiCrewX. I enjoy every moment when my french accent gets in the way and the so called 1st Officer shuts down my engines during take off..... Sacre Bleu
  3. Would say a screwdriver. Everything I touched is usually screwed up
  4. Yep long range tank for the long haul
  5. If everything else fails just invite a few friends to come over for a Barbie & Beer, and then ask them to put it together, that is if they still want to eat!!
  6. Before assembling anything, I buy some lego to practice on.
  7. Jean de la Fontaine, in is fable "le laboureur et ses enfants" (The farmer and his children) said: Work hard, churn up the earth, dig deep and deeper and you will find a tresor. The punch line to that fable is: If you work hard, your life will be full of rewards , this is the TRESOR!
  8. Well Guys Thank you Every one so much for the good wishes Yes I did celebrate for the third time my 25th Birthday It's a weird feeling when only a few years back I was looking at all those good old people , never thing that one day I would be one of them Thanks everyone once again From the all my heart I appreciate those good wishes Charles
  9. My wife always told me , there is something wrong with my brain, now I know, thanks to flyingleaf diagnosis
  10. I can fly a Dash 400, or so I think, I can ride a bicycle without training wheels, I can start a car with a screw driver, I can start a fire without matches, I can start an argument without saying a word, but I cannot start using Orbx discord. I received the following messages. My invite is not valid, I am not authorised to... I had too many attempts etc. etc Nothing harmonious about this Orbx invite, but then, doesn't discord mean a lack of harmony
  11. Fancy reading those posts. This is exactly what we had for din din last night . Tim Tans and a cuppa tea
  12. ATC told me clear to land !!!!, I say: "Sack those Cairns Controllers "
  13. WOW amazing, now let me spell that backwards : Ginzama WOW
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