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We should have a 'Moans' corner.  I can start.


Someone on the main forum told me the brilliant Orbx towns and airfields fit over photograpic scenery very well.  They damn well do and I've just spent most of the day sticking Orbx airports and some towns all over Western Europe!  Cost me and I had to get my wife's permission cos' I didn't have enough pocket money.


That's gonna cost me a chinese meal tomorrow!


This flying is a costly business!



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Speaking of moans (including groans).  Recently my Septic system effluent pump gave out and, after checking replacement costs, my daughter and I decided to give it a go ourselves.  First a lot of groans followed by a litany of moans (including a comprehensive list of 'bad' words) - finally complete and we can once again flush to our heart's content. 

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