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FSX Scenery Listing VS Edited Insertion Points


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I noticed that after taking Doug Sawatzky's advice...


Ensure the Orbx Libs are installed and up to date. (is there a blue notification above the settings button in FTXC3?)

Ensure all of your 3rd party non Orbx addons are at the top of your scenery library and above your FTX entries.

Then in FTX Central 3 Insertion points, move "FTX entries should be inserted below"  just below your last 3rd party addon.

Then move the "openLC entries should be inserted below"  just below your FTX entries. and click "Save".


Then run the "Force Migration" option.


using the graphic on...How to operate the FTX Central Insertion Point tool for guidance


I did the following as advised...


  1. actually moved and re-ordered both the FTXAA_ORBLIBS and the 3 openLC entries to be BELOW my non-ORBX 3rd party entries in FSX.
  2. clicked OK and FSX rebuilt the scenery database as expected and closed FSX
  3. opened FTX Central and used Settings and pointed to advised insertion points respectively and clicked Save226894172_FTXopenLCInsertionPoints.jpg.17c24f980495f80ac5df16819a572667.jpg
  4. ran the 'Force Migration' option, which provided a Windows Notification as having run successfully


All sweet :), but now I AM confused!


I then immediately after opened FSX and noted the following FSX Scenery Library Listing ...




It seems that all 3 existing openLC entries went to the TOP again, yet the FTXAA_ORBLIBS entry was left were it was supposed to be at position 49.


Q: What's going on, as I know I followed instructions to the letter?


NOTE: FSX seems to work fine, but what should I make of this w.r.t. future installing the other new FTX and openLC products?



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Thanks for the reply.


1. I did in fact try to move the OpenLC entries below FTX, and then

2. I stated...

On ‎9‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 12:23 AM, GullWings said:

all 3 existing openLC entries went to the TOP again


So my questions, poorly expressed before, are...


Q1: Why did FTX Central 3 place all 3 existing openLC entries go BACK AT THE TOP of my FSX Scenery Library listing all by itself, as the screenshot was snapped AFTER ?

Q2: Does this have anything to do with the fact I ran the 'Force Migration' option, as advised by Doug ?


I do swear that I did indeed move the OpenLC entries BELOW FTX the first time around, else I would have no reason at all to query this.




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Answer to Q1.

Once you have placed the FTX icon in the Insertion Point tool, you must also place the OLC icon below it and

click on Save.

If you do this, the OLC entries will be placed immediately below your one FTX entry, FTXAA_ORBXLIBS.


Answer to Q2



Answer to the supplemental question in post 4.

FTX Central places the scenery library entries for all the FTX products in one block where you choose.

It should then be used to place the OLC scenery library entries immediately below this block.

It places the Vector scenery library entries below Africa, not that this applies in this case.

Ideally therefore the scenery library should not be substantially changed especially not the reference point

for the FTX block or Africa.

If the Insertion Point tool has been set for a given scenery library and then it is presented with a different library,

it will almost certainly not work in the same way.

Any substantial changes will have no effect on FTX Central until it is next run, at which point they should be

allowed for by running the Insertion Point tool again.

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Just carried out your instruction...






Now I will be able track anomalies with non-ORBX scenery as you advised previously.



Your the best, and YES I think you by now you would know me to be very literal in interpretation :D (on spectrum?)

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If I understand you correctly and completely then, it becomes problematic to add non-ORBX scenery (manually) as this necessarily would ideally be added ABOVE the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS entry and thus would change a 'pointer enumeration' for FTX Central, but this can be corrected by again using the FTX Central Insertion Point Tool on subsequent occasions.


English is tough sometime.





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