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Things I think of.....


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It occurs to me that as I grow older I think more and more about the things that were and the things that could have been.


I think about the day I was 11 and my father died. And I think about the day when I was 15 and pitched a perfect baseball game wishing that my father could have been there. I think about the day when I was 16 and met my wife of 52 years. And I think about the day when I was 17 and I quit high school.


I think about graduating from college with Honors and Distinction. And I think about completing my Masters degree and then my Ph.D. I think about my two wonderful sons and how succesful they have been in life. And I think about how fragile time really is. I think about how just a small difference in the past could have changed so much of my life.


But most of all I believe that, in the end, the things we'll all regret the most in life are the things we didn't do. I've never raced an open-wheeled car, I've never climbed a 20,000 ft. peak, I've never cruised down the Yangtze river, and I've never sailed across the Serengeti Plain at dawn in a hot air balloon.


Listen to your heart, and do the things you've always dreamed of. Time isn't on our side.....

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