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LEBB Taxiway Lighting

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Just purchased this fantastic rendition of LEBB. One issue that I have noticed. The taxiway blue edge lights appear white at night rather than blue, making the taxiway edge lights looking like runway edge lights. Also, during daylight, the physical light unit looks huge and out of proportion as do the runway wigwags. I will upload a screen shot tomorrow but curious if anyone else has noticed this. I am also running Global, EuropeLC and Vector.





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You can see in this first picture that large wigwags.






This picture shows the almost white but supposedly blue taxiway edge lighting up close.




The next picture shows what the full taxiway looks like, you cannot actually tell that these edge lights are supposed to be a pale blue.




The last picture shows what they actually look like in daylight



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Sorry, missed the post and been away traveling.


I might actually agree on the wig-wags, they look a bit big for sure. I'll add it to the list of stuff to have a look at.

As for the lights, I'm not agreeing with you. I often consider the light units to look too small at sceneries, same with true-to-life sized taxisigns.

I intentionally made them slightly bigger. Maybe it is something about perspectives but, in my opinion, some things tend to look very small when correctly sized.

I explored some other sceneries a while back with the Avatar and the signs were often huge in comparsion, sometimes nearly as big as the avatar. That is of course incorrect, no taxisign is 1.6 meters in real life. However, in the sim, the larger size looks more natural for some reason. To me at least.

As for the light texture, I think it looks quite nice. It has the blue tint to it and is more of strong exposure rather than an incorrect color.


I hope that answered your questions and I'm glad you seem to the enjoy the scenery in general!



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