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  1. Hi, I am running Volanta Desktop Version 1.2.3. I have both P3D v4.5 HF3 and P3D V5.3 HF1+1 installed although I only use P3D V5 and only had the plugin for P3D V5 installed at the time of the CTD, although Volanta keeps asking me to install for P3D V4, which I have since done in case this was related. I loaded up Volanta without inputting any flight plans or details. I departed EGPB and headed for EGPM. All was good until suddenly P3D V5 quit with an error that it Cannot Read from File. Windows then proceeded to CTD, something I don't ever remember having on Windows 10. Once Windows rebooted, I noticed an Glob Icon on my desktop called Aircraft and the file properties point to the following location: file:///C:/Users/kenne/AppData/Local/Programs/Volanta/resources/app.asar/dist/renderer/index.html#/aircraft This file was created at 20:49 lcoal PC time. On checking the Log files contained within the Account page of Volanta, I can see that, for some reason, at 21:26 local PC time, which is when P3D V5 crashed, Volanta seemed to lose the simconnect. Up until that time, the log shows reporting times etc. Things appeared to happen at 21:25 local PC time where it looks like Volanta had maybe restarted? I have attached the log details and hopfeully this will help diagnose this problem. Thanks Ken Brattey 2022-01-06 Volanta Log.txt
  2. Mm, I don't use Vector and it does not appear to be a pre-requisite for OpenLC Africa. Many thanks, Ken
  3. Hi Doug, Files attached as requested. Many thanks Ken add-ons.cfg scenery.cfg scenery_add-ons.xml
  4. Hi Doug, Confirmed, mesh is already set to 5m. If I disable the Mesh then DIAP (1st two pics) looks much better and without the sunken ground below the water level, although there are some cliffs with lakes at the top, merging into the see and repetitive and disjointed ground textures?? However, HAAB (last two pics) still has high hills surrounding the airfield, which I can assure you, unless there has been some seismic activity since I was last there, the airport is definitely not in a sinkhole ;-)
  5. Hi Team, I installed OpenLC Africa and the free Mesh and Photoreal scenery. So far I have noticed issues with airport DIAP (Abidjan) and HAAB (Addis Ababa) where the land around DIAP appears sunken into the sea, with the airport on a high plateau and with HAAB the airport is sunk into the ground and surrounded by hills on all sides. I do not use Vector and the airports stated are all default, no addons. The elevation discrepancy appears to approximately d the same height in both. I used Orbx Central to install automatically and the library folder for all my Orbx products is in the sim directory. Running P3D v4.5 HF III Any help appreciated.
  6. I've switched from UK2000. I've noticed that runway holding points do not have any yellow wigwag lights. Additionally, the taxiway lighting is barely visible at night. Im using P3D v4.5 hf3 with no addon shaders and HDR disabled.
  7. Hi John, The scenery is on my local D drive. All my other Orbx products work flawlessly. However, if I try to begin a flight at any airport in the Netherlands or Bilbao then my PC quits to BSOD the error is related to OneDrive. If I begin a flight that stars outwith these two areas but ends in either of these two areas then there is no problem. This is why it is such a frustrating problem. Ive tried disabling OneDrive but it makes no difference. The only directory on m OneDrive is the MyDocuments folder which happens to include the P3D addons. However all other addons function correctly, UTL, UK2000 etc. It's only Orbx that has the problem. Brgds ken
  8. One further point to add, I flew into LEBB without any issues, this problem only occurs when I try to start a flight by selecting LEBB or True Earth Netherlands.
  9. So, it has been a while since I reviewed this issue. it turns out that this problem is not unique to TENL. I tried to start a flight at Orbx LEBB and the exact same thing happened. So, what is causing Orbx to fail when I try to start a flight? All other addon airports (UK2000, JustSim etc ) work without issue. I did stop syncing ondrive but no difference. Any help would be appreciated. Ken
  10. hi Nick Thanks for your prompt reply. I do use onedrive and I am sure that´s where the problem lies. MyDocuments folder is linked that way. Now, it so happens that this is where my Prepar3D v4 Add-ons are located, which includes Orbx ObjectFlow 2. That is the only reference I have found where Orbx is in anyway connected to my onedrive. However, all the other addon-ons in this same directory (various sceneries, utlive, envtex etc) all work correctly. The only other thing to note is that I have chosen to store a local copy of each file directly on the PC as well as syncing to onedrive. So farm switching off onedrive has made no difference. I will try and stop the syncing of MyDocuments folder and see if that makes any difference. It is a weird problem - I am dying to see my TENL. Thanks again for the info. Regards Ken
  11. Hi, Well, coincidence then, I removed True Earth Netherlands and now I don´t have the error. After several weeks since this post I download the True Earth Netheralands again. As soon as I select an airport in The Netherlands, my PC quits to the blue screem immediately with cldflt error, so something either with this particular software is causing the issue. cldflt is a onedrive error. How that can possibly be caused by True Earth Netherlands I have no idea, but I happens every single time I try. Any other ideas welcome, but for now I won´t be buying any other True Earth products - I´ve not been able to use this since I purchased it.
  12. This is a strange one, when I load P3D V4.3 and select any airport in the Netherlands, the terrain starts to load, gets to about 8% then the PC errors to blue screen with cldflt error. It does not matter whether I load a default airplane or an addon, same result 3 times in a row. So, I uninstalled Netherlands True Earth using the FTX Central 3 uninstaller, rebooted the PC, chose the same airport and same default airplane and now P3D V4.3 loads without any issues. So, what could possibly be the link between the error message and Netherlands True Earth? Running Windows 10 and P3D V4.3, both clean installs on new SSD 1TB drive.
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