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Lake Barre - Land where water should be - or?

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position is near N29° 13,28'  W90°  29,44'

pic 2017-12-09(4) - Bing-Maps

pic 2017-12-09(3) - Goggle-Maps

pic 2017-12-09   - FSX without ORBX!VECTOR

pic 2017-12-09(1) - FSX activating ORBX!VECOR

pic 2017-12-09(2) - FSX after that /\

2017-12-09 (2).jpg

2017-12-09 (1).jpg


2017-12-09 (3).jpg

2017-12-09 (4).jpg

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I have P3D V3 with ORBX Global Base, Open LC NA,and Vector active, and I see exactly what is in the first picture.  Strangely the map in the F-22 Raptor shows lots of square block shapes in the terrain in this exact area, but the two sharp, square angles like those in the first pic are all I could see out the window.


It doesn't look very accurate unfortunately.

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I have the exact same problem just west of CYVR.  


Checking ORBX!VECTOR_CVX leaves a faint outline of an extended river/coast.  Checking ORBX!VECTOR_EXX fills in the outline with land textures.  Google satellite view is misleading, the area looks like regular ocean except at low tide.


Unchecking "Wetlands" in FTX Central doesn't make a difference.


Running P3Dv4 with ORBX Global BASE, Vector, and OpenLC NA.  


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