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LOWI Innsbruck Airport issues


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Few weeks ago I bought the LOWI airport scenery, but there are many issues.


The transaction ID / receipt number is 5964f880cf7b2.


First thing that I don't like is that the airplane can't be placed next to the Gates nor on parking. The only possible start position - is a runway, however, the airport itself has abilities, parking places, entire infrastructure for normal boarding process. It's not realistic to start a flight on a passenger jet directly from runway. (((((


The localiser is broken, it shows wrong direction to the runway when landing, making it impossible to capture glideslow and runway direction automatically, everything has to be done manually.


When installing the scenery I didn't have any errors or other problems, everything was smoothly until I started flying to that airport.


Should I try to download and install the latest version?

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LOWI doesn't have ILS.  there are offset localizers which do not line up with the runway, but the final is visual only.  there are some RNAV approaches if you are in a so-equipped airplane, but no ILS.  This is actually why simmers love it, and the airport is popular.  trying to fly the non-rnav approach to 08 by published procedures is really tricky and challenging, and you will have to do lots of stuff manually.


heres a VATSIM oriented guide on it:



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After reinstalling, the Airport scenery worked fine, it is possible to place an airplane to the gates and to the parking. It seems that there was an issue with installation. The LOWI airport has no Instrument Landing System, so that is fine.


-- Sem

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according to the mentioned wiki link (and other internet sources):

it's NOT an ILS and you can't land with it! Also, the primary means for descent is the profile as shown in the charts. Additional descent guidance is given by a glideslope. It is intended to bring you close to the airport, but then you have to disconnect AP and land visually.

I'm thinking about replacing Justsim LOWI by ORBX LOWI.

Justsim doesn't have implemented the glideslope of OEV, I had to complement it in their BGL manually with ADE.


So could you tell me if ORBX LOWI OEV (pointing to the east) have the 3.8° eastern glideslope of OEV ?


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Thanks for this information...everything works fine.

While my purse whines (ok, discount ;-), I did a descent from east supported by OEV glideslope information.

Not only the airport is of high quality, but the "new" landscape around too - that makes approaching really exciting...

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