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  1. failures and other options can all be turned off, additionally the standard failure rate is set at "realistic" which means that you might not ever get a failure anyway! of course if you like such things (I don't) you can crank the failure rate all the way up to "danger to humanity" levels which some seem to enjoy. I have complicated feelings about PMDG, their business model, and pricing, but they do make fantastic stuff.
  2. I don't know if Orbx is going to do RKSI. Another quality developer has done RKSI for p3d, and I believe is planning to make it available for MSFS at some point.
  3. From all reports, default London and Washington DC are equally not fantastic, so I wouldn't feel too bad about it.
  4. I haven't been here as much as I used to a few years ago, but as I believe a new dawn is just about to break over the flight sim universe, I did want to stop by and say a few words. In 2009, I had owned FSX for about 3 years, but my pc couldn't run it very well, and I was still flying in fs2004 over my 3 favorite fs9 sceneries ever, which were Misty Fjords, Tongass Fjords, and the freeware Glacier Bay, by Holger Sandmann and friends. After surfing the various fora in hopes of news of the long awaited FSX versions of those places, I came upon a comment that referenced the fact that Holger was working on some Australian project instead. While my immediate thought was that I preferred he work on my favorite places instead, I did a quick google search and ended up here. after seeing screenshots of the original Australian regions, I purchased two of them, and then began obsessively simming in a place that one day earlier, I had zero interest in flying at all. Necessity is the mother of invention. I feel that if the Orbx team lived in Wisconsin or Germany, they never would have made all this. Those places didn't look particularly good in default fsx or the early texture packs, but crucially they didn't look a million miles off, either. Australia was brutally neglected by the Aces scenery development and did not look anything like itself, so if Aussie simmers wanted to fly over home, they had to make it themselves, first with VOz for fs9 (which I had heard of but not installed) and then Orbx ftx. To do this, they had to modify how the sim loaded landclass, and had to invent all their own autogen, in addition to the usual coastlines, mountains, and airports. In doing this, thankfully, someone realized that this had applications for everywhere on earth, not just Oz. So, Thank You for doing all this. The sim was once overloaded with procedural IFR simmers who never really even looked away from the dials of their 2d panels. A real and compelling world opened the hobby up for VFR and Bush flyers, and proved that using flight sim simply as a means of exploring our earth, not simply simulating flight was viable. and that has kept me here, when previous interest in flightsim would have died out for me. I also do not think that the upcoming sim, with its mind boggling portrayal of the earth would have been commisioned were it not for the influence of Orbx, and the appetite of simmers for such scenery. So, I mean this simply to be a heartfelt thank you. (you also do have a sizeable chuck of my discretionary cash from the last ten years as well) Not a goodbye, as I am sure I will be buying your products in the future as well.
  5. Dissapointed. Thought you were looking for the implementation of surface to air missiles as part of ObjectFlow.
  6. Nah to Ortho4XP in p3d (I understand its great for XP) we could have had crappy flat photoreal in fs9, let alone now. Thats why I started buying Orbx’s stuff to begin with. I’m not sure they are gonna make much more on TE north america, if the UK regions didn’t work out... p3d flyers like having full season coverage and decent frame rates, and X-plane guys don’t like spending money. I remember many interviews with JV saying that Global was their most profitable product ever... Open LC is part of Global. Theres still a bunch of us here waiting, credit card in hand.
  7.  I don't truly mean to be mean or provocative, but if you don't already know the answer to that last question, why spend that amount of money on a graphics card? Last year I meant to buy a 1080ti, but ran into the crypto mining bubble, and while my aging gtx980 isn't ideal for todays sims, I was not going to spend 1300 dollars on a graphics card. I still have the 980, and I'm no more inclined to spend that amount on a single system component than I was in January. I've been waiting for the new cards to drop as everyone else has, but I'm disappointed in that what was historically a mild bump in pricing has become a huge jump. I was hoping the market would reject the pricing, but if your experiences are the norm, I guess that won't happen either. possibly I might buy a 2070 when they are available, or trawl around for a 1080ti deal, but until we have some idea what these new cards can do for our particular hobby, I'd be hesitant to jump in; they are going to be designed for the latest games rather than us.
  8. When they were released, there was a discount if you purchased both regions, As I bought them in 2013 when released I was not aware, is there no cross product discount any more? As far as the file sizes are concerned, IIRC it is due to the Ireland regions not including mesh (apparently there was not suitable elevation data available, and as Ireland is not overwhelmingly made up of dramatic mountainscapes, the default and other meshes already do a pretty good job?) If there is no more discount, I can see the OP's point, a bit. Wales had a full airport included to offset its small size, Ireland had the discount. On the other hand, these two regions were released at a time when ORBX did not have sales, so If you buy them both at the next sale, you will get them cheaper than I did when released, even with the original discount
  9. FSX was released a few weeks before this post. I bought it first day of sale, but on my pc at the time, it was an unflyable slideshow (pentium 4 single core I think) Amazingly, we can still make it an unflyable slideshow today if we want to even with much better hardware! I remember loving what FSX brought to the table, but mainly running fs9 for at least 3 years after. ORBX is probably the thing that made me finally turn to FSX full time. Glad JV was able to run it well enough back then to start development!
  10. Congratulations on the anniversary! I remember a late January day in 2009 when I was on an angry internet safari looking into exactly why Holger wasn't cranking out Misty Fjords, Tongass Fjords and Glacier Bay for FSX like he did for fs9 when I found out he was working with the former Voz guys (I had downloaded, but never gotten around to installing Voz in fs9) A few hours later I had bought 2 Australia regions in a measure of support for hints that the team would be developing PNW and Alaska in the future. excellent sceneries guys, and you have changed what is possible with the flightsim experience, and only a few companies can say that. looking forward to what you guys can offer in the future!
  11. Welcome to the forums! Boeing field at the level that we are discussing in this thread is included with the ORBX PNW region, so it is unlikely the devs will make a freeware version, but if you like flying in this area PNW is what you will want anyway... and, sorry, can't help it... the Boeings don't "come from" Boeing field, they come from Paine, and the mountain is 52 miles away, so you are probably all good on climbout.
  12. Airfields already in regions won't be done as freeware. as well, I would doubt that airfields included in the excellent Tongass Fjords would be either (not an orbx product, but developed by current and former ORBX devs for fsaddon, and very useable in v4 with the right installation steps) TF covers Klawock, Wrangell, Petersburg, Kake, Sitka, and Hoonah (and Sitka and Petersburg are very well done in full by Bill Womack) ORBX SAK already has Elfin Cove, Haines, Skagway, and Merrill. Also, If I'm not wrong, King Salmon has already been released in a freeware pack. My humble Alaska request would be for PACX Coldfoot and anything nearby in the Brooks Range
  13. the libraries are for all sceneries, including global. since a lot of orbx products call to the same library objects, it keeps them from having to update multiple sceneries if they just update a tree model for instance. there is other stuff in there as well, that make all the scenerys work together. if you install any orbx product. always make sure you have the latest libraries.
  14. Photoreal products have been available for Germany for quite some time, with POIs and I haven't purchased them. There of course is a 64 bit simulator now to play with, and that gets rid of one of the reasons I never bought large scale PR coverage, but that only solves one of a few problems for me. It is probably a good product to have for AF2, since it would dovetail nicely into the switzerland and innsbruck areas, There just wouldn't be enough benefit over the existing sceneries to make it worth it to me in p3d. In my humble opinion, good PR coverage in ORBX regions could and should be expanded to cover more urban areas and mountain ranges. (Imagine Glacier park, the rockies, and some of the other ranges in NA in full photoreal) but a full region coverage, including farmland, forests, and suburbs, would be IMO too much loss in disk space and resources, for the return benefit provided, particularly if we lose full seasonal coverage (or even if it is expanded to include it, how much space would that need? half a TB?) I like the idea of all PR regions if they are smaller, like NL or make sense in other ways, i.e. in a warmer area without the importance of temperate seasons, Germany for me, might be too big an area for it.
  15. My votes are for Alaska, more Rockies and American southwest, or, across the pond, the alpine countries, Italy, or Greece. But naturally will enjoy flying anywhere really. I wouldn't normally vote for Florida, but I wish Florida and the Caribbean would be an ORBX region simply so we can have a better foliage/seasons file for those areas. It drives me absolutely crazy to fly an approach somewhere tropical this time of year, and see lovely New England style autumn leaves, I mean, seriously! come to think of it, I would happily part with some cash to just have a worldwide corrected seasons file for the entire earth, but I have read it would be a mighty tedious task. As for languages, I used my younger years in high school and college learning French and German, but, as there is never any real exposure to it over here (I have been to Quebec a couple times tho, and there are Amish people near me who speak a language which is similar to, but not quite German) I have forgotten nearly all of what I learned. My high school also offered language instruction in Latin, but not Italian. Most useful.
  16. Sweet! thanks again for including this. Somehow getting to Deutschland and driving a tourist lap of the Ring (and/or spectating at the 24hr) is one of my bucket list items, and I have driven probably 3000 laps of the ring in Grand Prix Legends, Assetto Corsa, Raceroom, and iRacing over the last almost 20 years. I have always had a degree of detachment about FS scenery, but this makes me somewhat emotional, lol
  17. It is modeled as part of the coverage area in the Monterey airport scenery (I think its KMRY) There's a couple really famous golf courses there as well... (and if you still have contacts at scotflight, they really should do St. Andrews... )
  18. absolutely fantastic that this is included. Hallowed ground for Motorsports enthusiasts like myself. let's see, in orbx land, we now have Mt. Panorama, Laguna Seca, Goodwood, and the old Evergreen Speedway in PNW, and now The Ring! Lets have FTX France, so we can get LeMans! Edit: hopefully the Castle is included? didn't see it in the shots
  19. I have a 240GB ssd as my c drive as well, I still have space, but you need to be vigilant, since a LOT of programs will help themselves to your documents folder and fill up your drive quick. Google how to make a symbolic link and reference some of your folders on the c drive to another location on the drive you still have space.
  20. I could see it changing someday, certainly with more tech development, but as anyone who has played around with dynamic lights in v4 will tell you, a hundred or so dynamic lights in an airport scenery can bring a pretty good system to its knees, let alone what might happen if there are many thousands of dynamic lights from a large city all jostling for processor attention...
  21. Yes. This is what it does. In my many, many years of experience with flight sim scenery, vector with AEC does the best job of dealing with the problem. That is not to say that it is perfect, or really even a "great" solution, but it is the best available. The problems are twofold, and unfortunately both at the feet of Microsoft, who left this party about 8-9 years ago, so they aren't going to fix it. In their wisdom, MS decided that airports and bodies of water had to be totally flat and have designated altitudes (if you make an airport that is not flat, AI traffic cannot use it, ORBX has a few airports available that do this, prominently PAKT, and its sloping taxiways). Also, at the same time, the sim was provided with an inaccurate set of elevation and vector data in which these altitudes are based. If you stick with the default mesh and data, you will not have issues with plateaus or chasms with the lakes and airports, but you will have an inaccurately depicted earth. If you then purchase an updated and accurate set of elevation data (FSGlobal), you will have issues. If you don't upgrade the vector data with something (FTX Vector, UTX) you will have many cliffs where default rivers in the wrong positions cut through accurate mountains that are in the right positions. lakes and airports will be at odds with the elevations as well, in some cases jutting up out of the terrain, in others in deep gullies. AEC contains airport elevations for vector that do the best job of blending in, and vector has a vastly more accurate set of water body data, but it is inherently a compromise. you could probably individually edit the elevations with a scenery design tool if any of them are particularly hateful, but you will find usually the the elevation already provided is the least obtrusive. It is important to realize that the problem is the base structure of how the sim is created, not a program that attempts to fix it, even if the fix can't be perfect. The sim was meant to be run on a terrible set of data points, and a "flat airport" theory, and at the end of the day, there's only so much that can be done about it. I wish the sim could accommodate sloping airports, and wild descending rivers, but it can't. Vector is an attempt at a solution to the problem, not the problem itself.
  22. As a forward from another user on avsim (and since I'm a Pennsylvania guy myself) would like to humbly request KABE for the Allentown/bethlehem/lehigh valley area. Thanks!
  23. The newer ex version of the c208b with the g1000 was released last week,. The original c208b with the steam gauges is still yet to be ported, and if you install the original version in v4 you will have a transparent cockpit. as for the v4 developed only argument, I have expressed my opinion on this subject in other forums, but as a matter of experience and fact, I have installed over 100 non-v4 addons in my v4 install, aircraft and scenery both, and I have had no performance issues. As well, many of the addons released for v4 officially are just straight ports where the only change has been the installer. Oh, and nearly all of the default scenery and simobjects in p3d are compiled in earlier fs versions as well. For aircraft, if the original uses fsx modeling and xml gauges only (no .dlls) it should work correctly in v4. Lionheart kodiak is also not officially released for v4 but works when installed.
  24. the above suggestions are excellent, and I have and enjoy them all. However the Carenado c185 works fine in every version of p3d I have ever installed it in, including v4. the Carenado c208B is NOT yet working in v4, but is apparently going to be released shortly according to carenado's facebook. I would also make a further recommendation of the Flight replica supercubs, and would recommend the realair scout as well, if it was still for sale. all working fine in p3dv4.
  25. I can't speak for every part of the world, but I am kind of used to a lot of bridges in real life being paved differently than the Roadways connecting them? certainly sim bridges for the most part don't look great, and it seems a more natural transition in real life, but a lot of bridges I use every day are concrete, with asphalt roads on either end. probably hard to fix this, since in the sim they are two different things, bridges are scenery objects, and roads are vector objects. very few wide area scenery objects take close scrutiny very well individually, since developers need to keep the polygon counts low, so you can have thousands of objects on the screen without killing your pc,
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