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  1. hey team, hey guys, I hope Orbx will be release more european airports and thue earth Germany and France for X Plane 12
  2. I hope to see few more pics in XP12 about sceneries and thueEarth from Orbx
  3. I cross my fingers for pyreegue will be released EGGW Luton and Lyon LFLL for MSFS
  4. I hope to see on MSFS more Greek and French airports, bilbao, Asturias, Genoa airports San Francisco landmark Lyon landmark Athens landmark
  5. I flight on Paris landmark but I don't see the Montparnasse tower near to eiffel tower
  6. I hope Pyreegue will be create EGGW Luton airport with same quality than EGPF and EGPH
  7. Im curious to know if Orbx studio will be create more greek airports than Skiathos and maybe create Alps Mesh region than AS Himalaya and Central Asia Mesh
  8. Hey Iain If you want for ithe next project in futur, I have a pictures about new design bulding about LGMK Mykonos airport, it's just amazing and beautiful approach landing kind regards
  9. I hope Orbx will be released EGPD Aberdeen airport and EGPH Inverness airport for MSFS
  10. I hope Orbx will be create LEBB LEAS And more West european airports for MSFS
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