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  1. Din svenska är perfekt! Vi får avvakta och hoppas på det bästa! The finnish FS community is great! I fly a lot in Finland with many addons /Magnus
  2. I was a little (well a lot actually) disappointed when there was no DEM update for Sweden in the latest world update for MSFS. Is there any chance of an Orbx updated mesh for Sweden? Will gladly pay for it /Magnus
  3. I got a similar message from Apple on my iPhone. My password had been detected in a breech somewhere and since I was logged in on Orbx I guess Apple knew I was using that password on Orbx. They truly know everything about us...
  4. Excellent pictures as always! Is it ok by the forum rules to ask what season mod you are using? The landscape looks much better with the decidous trees and a lot less conifers. /Magnus
  5. Great shots! Regarding pic #3: at some locations MSFS displays landclass scenery using very ugly textures. This happens when there's clouds or other anomalies (spelling?) in the satellite textures. And sometimes for no apparent reason at all. I think that is what's happening with Darrington in pic #3. /Magnus
  6. How on earth could they miss the bug with the tall buildings everywhere???
  7. Yes No just kidding, I do see the red and green on the traffic lights. But it's a bigger problem in pictures and text and buying clothes
  8. The odds are 33% so it works most of the time!
  9. It's amazing! Smooth and more fps. Well, off to explore the world
  10. Yes, that's perfect!! Thank you very much Nick! Now I can read the tags as clear as all the grey traffic lights!
  11. I’m colourblind and now it’s hard to read the text in some of the tags
  12. Beautiful shots! TE Netherlands is the only thing I miss and which would make me reinstall P3D after having to choose between Xplane and P3D due to lack of space on my SSD
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