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  1. Rob Quick question: Delete all folders, what happens to all your aircraft, scenery etc? I get the others like ProgramData, Local and Roaming. Thanks.
  2. I noticed that last night as well. It loaded tremendously faster. Before it was minutes (3-5), now it's seconds. I will have some house cleaning to do this weekend.
  3. I'm following this as well. It would be good to see some updates with PBR and DL. MisterX (SFD) has created some exceptional autogen for XP. Is it possible to see this level of design in P3D?
  4. I found the culprit. It's the OLC_AA file. When I set this folder to not active the TE FL trees are visible with it on they are not. I don't know why such a small file can create such a big problem? The rest of the global/NA OLC seems unaffected by this when it's not active.
  5. Suggestions please. With NA Open LC, TE FL has limited or no trees in areas where there used to be trees. Without NA OLC installed the trees are there. When it's installed they are missing. Help greatly appreciated. Thanks. First pics are with NA OLC then second set is witout.
  6. Well, I figured it out. The NA OLC was the culprit. I don't know if it's the order or something in v5.3. Any suggestions on the correct order with NA OLC or are there some files I need to remove for True Earth FL? Thanks!
  7. I have the issue for TE FL. It's spare or completely missing. I moved the HD Buildings, Terraflora, HD Trees and TE US Libraries hoping for a fix but still not working. I reverified numerous times. Not sure what's the issue. The rest of global is fine. Thanks for the help in advance.
  8. Fixed! I had to delete the scenery cfg, reload P3D to create a new one, then reinstalled scenery from v5x, then sync Orbx files and it's all good now.
  9. Not sure what happed but I'm seeing this surrounding Florida now. I've reverified files for base, NA LC and TE FL and I'm still getting this issue. Uninstalling and reinstalling now to see it this fixes this issue. Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the fix. The SODE 1.6.7 did the trick. Thanks goodperson36!
  11. A user reinstalled Orbx central and reinstalled all sceneries and it worked. I may try that.
  12. Thanks again. No worries. I only noticed it because I flew there. So won't fly there and keep it out of my mind.
  13. Thanks. However, it's still not working. Same issue.
  14. Stew, same here. The other airports are fine. I don't know what's missing from this particular airport.
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