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  1. As we can not have a beer, how about having an online gathering. Not sure how many we can have on in one go. I’ve never done it before so could be a hoot. All we need to do is pick a place and a time. Perhaps we could start our own Airshow and all have the same colour Aircraft say yellow. No no what am I thinking. Sorry Jack. Derek.

  2. Yep just turned 75 and I must admit I don’t feel old until as some one said you open a cupboard door and think what the hell did I come here for. At the moment I’m trying to widen my driveway a bit, just a few feet as the women are moaning about some times having to walk on the grass. Doing things like that is when you feel old. Derek.

  3. Hi. Bit late for this post but any chance I could ask for my local airport which is Lee on Solent. Though no longer a forces airport, there is still a small flying club there and a search and rescue base. It is a real old airbase as was used in the First World War as a seaplane Base with a ramp going down to the sea which is still there.  My main gripe with the renditions over the years has been the state of the small hangers which are scattered over the base and now look like blown up blue hangers when in fact they look like very large Nissan huts coloured like a light brown. Thank you. Derek.

  4. 7 hours ago, Alex Goff said:

    Once I wrap up my current (non-NA) airport I plan on heading out to somewhere in the Northeast and knocking out a project. 


    Where, I haven't figured out yet :)

    Nice to hear Alex, that would be fantastic.


    6 hours ago, Geezer said:

    Orbx already has a ton of stuff for the east coast.

    Well the only thing I can think of, yes there are some Airports, well a load that have been updated a bit, but no actual full fat regions as yet. Of course it will happen one day. Derek.

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