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  1. Thank you Pete for your help in trying to help me. I was okay when John just said to move the Community folder to another drive but a symbolic link now. Think I have heard of them somewhere but it all seems to be getting to complicated for me. Must read up on it somewhere. Thanks Derek.

  2. Hi John thanks for the reply. So I just copy the Community folder to a bigger drive and leave the rest on my Ssd. Probably knowing me I would much it up . Might get back to you and ask what folders do I have to leave on the Ssd. Thanks for your help Derek.

  3. At the moment I have my MSFS on a 2TB Ssd and as you can imagine it’s filling up fast. Been looking at 4tb Ssd but your looking at about £400 or there about. Is there anyway I could use another 2tb Ssd some how. Probably not but if you don’t ask you will not find out. Thanks Derek.

  4. Hi Guys. Awhile ago I bought a H570 m/b the Asus tough gaming but no Cpu yet. At the moment my specs are as below but now with a 1080ti card. Sorry have not changed the specs below but do not know how to change it. Now I’m doing okay in MS2020 but of course would like it to be a bit better. I was thinking of getting an i7 Cpu to go with the m/b but then discovered to save some money I could get the i5 Cpu which starts at 3.9ghz up to 4.9ghz. At the moment my Cpu starts at 3.6ghz. My question is would that be the better option. Thanks Derek.

  5. I agree with you Sniper, it’s a great little plane. I’ve had the free one for awhile now plus where we used to live near Dadelus Airport, it was a Navy base and the Police we’re trying them out for Aerial Recon, like the Motorway near us. As you say a fantastic little plane for low and slow flight. Thanks Derek.

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  6. Hi. I thought I had replied to this post. Yes all went well except when we were paying for the Hospital car park I happened to look down at my arm and there was blood pouring down my arm where the clot had failed. I soon managed to stop it again. Like the Doctors said no more DIY for me and no sharp anything. Hey you guys with the watches. Are they special watches or just something you can set an alarm to, just wondering. Thanks Derek.

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  7. Hi Friends. Well had the CT scan and now just waiting for the results to come back. For anybody who doesn’t know they stick a needle in your arm with a dye type stuff and it feels warm. Plus yesterday I just realised how funrable I am as I was waiting for my wife to pay for the car park at the Hospital when I happened to look down at my arm and saw blood pouring down my arm as the clot had failed. Like they said no more DIY for me. Look after yourself. Thanks Derek .

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  8. Or any other program I can use, I mainly use my IPad to go on Orbx Forums and whatnot. The reason is I want to share what I have collected over all the years that I’ve been playing Fltsims. Thanks Derek.

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