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  1. Hi Guys. Well all up and running at last, well in the last few days anyway. Have installed the new patch and no problems at all like some people seem to have. It was pretty straight forward actually. The only thing I have to do is sort my new specs out which I have forgotten how to do. Some one did tell me not long ago but I cannot seem to find the post. Thanks Derek.

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  2. Hi. Just found your your local Airport. Wow that is out in the Sticks as we say. How’s your internet connection. :rolleyes:. Just to say some times I like to find where people are from and what Airport is near to them. Thanks Derek.

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  3. Hi Guys. An update to what’s been happening. My Windows was a no go unfortunately could not get it to install. Mean I’ve been using Windows ever since it came out. Any way and thank you John Dow and my son did exactly as you said and I’ve a fully functioning Windows Pro 10 now on my system for peanuts. Let’s hope it lasts. Unfortunately one of my 4 hard drives packed up. I managed to get Windows on my 110gb drive but my 250gb drive seems to have packed up. Plus my 1tb and 2tb drive I cannot fit as I have no means of fitting them at the moment. So hopefully in time I will be up and running but not looking forward to reinstalling MFSF. Thanks Derek.

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  4. So what you are saying is, I know I will have to reinstall Windows but will I have to reinstall say MSFS as well and like just been playing Crysis again. Will it be best to reinstall them again. Thanks Derek.

  5. Thanks B12. I have a new Asus Tuf Gaming H570 is it m/b together with a new i7 11700K Rocket Lake Cpu and I’m hoping this should see me out so to speak. So I might have to reinstall everything again. As they say Bar Humbug. Dam I thought I could get away with out reinstalling everything. Thanks Derek.

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  6. Hi Guys. I’m just about to upgrade my computer with a new motherboard and Cpu and been thinking about my games like FS2020. So obviously they are on hard drives so as long as I keep the same hard drive letters there should not be any problems should there or will I have to reinstall everything again. I hope not. :huh:. Thanks Derek.

    • I’ve just a go on my system after installing everything onto a different drive and I seemed to have lost some frames and not got more from the patch. Not sure, mind I was flying around my area which is quite built up. Not sure perhaps it would be better on  an Ssd hard drive after all. Mean before the patch I was getting 35-40 frames but now down to about 20. Dam Flight sims. :rollmyeyes:. Thanks Derek.


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  7. Mine at the moment is fine though thinking I might need a bigger hard drive later. At the moment it’s on a 2tb hard, so thinking might get a 4tb maybe for Crimbo. That’s means Christmas here. Plus did not realise how good it is on an ordinary hard drive, great news. Thanks Derek.

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