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  1. Hi Guys. Did they fix the Issue where the Bravo Throttle lights were not working. As I went to have a go the other day and no lights working. They did work but as I haven’t been feeling well the last few days and have not played MSFS for awhile I was wondering what was happening. Thanks Derek. 

  2. Today I tried to have a go on MSFS after playing Ghost Recon Breakpoint for about 400 hours, as I do like a Shooter. I tried to to start MSFS with my Honey Comb throttle and Yoke. The throttle would not light up, I had the sound of thunder every time I tried to start the sim, but soon found out how to get rid of that. Plus I’ve now got a load of figures coming up across the bottom of the screen. How do I get rid of that. It seems to me like it’s gone to Xbox mode. Anyway to get back to PC mode. I was really looking forward a Flight around good old southern England but gave up in the end. Can anybody help me please.  Thanks Derek.

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  3. Hi Guys. I bought this Airport when it first came out from Burningblue Designs but I have noticed that it does not register as being bought. Why is this. Not sure if I’ve explained myself enough. But I think you have my drift. What difference does it do where ever you bought said Airport. Thanks Derek.

  4. Hi Lowell. I’m not an expert here but I have MSFS and it’s the Steam Version and it loads fine. Have you downloaded all the disks. Like there’s four of them. Not sure if you have to do that but it worked for me. Plus you should try the Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Forum. They should be able to help you there. Thanks Derek 

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