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  1. Hi Guys. Went to load my MSFS this morning as not have played it for awhile and it loads but when the loading has finished nothing happens. This is the first time it’s done that as have not had any trouble before. Is it right you have to clear the cache or something. Thanks for any help. Just to mention my comp is alright as have been playing Far Cry 6 the last week. Thanks Derek. 

  2. Hi wain71. Perhaps something has gone wrong the potentiometers some where. I had this trouble with my X52 Pro so had to give it up. Then my sons bought me for Xmas last year an X56 which is still working thank goodness. Hope you manage to sort it out. Thanks Derek.

  3. Hi Guys. At the moment I have MSFS on a 2tb hard drive with space to spare. I will be getting a bigger hard drive later. My question is if I bought all the Airport and Aircraft plus the all the scenery that’s available what size hard drive would I need. Thanks Derek.

  4. Hi Guys. Not sure if I’m in the right place but I’m using the above to check my frames but half the time I’m having a job Just seeing it. My question is can you change the colour of the frame rate counter. Like at the moment it’s green but for me a better Colour would be Red. Thanks Derek.

  5. Well I got rid of the G1000 and that seems to have sorted the 99000 alt thing and I can control the buttons now and I can select each of the buttons but nothing else. As I can not select an Altitude and the AP button do not seem to be working. Cannot set a heading or anything. So what is going on. Thanks Derek. Perhaps I have to reinstall the drivers ?

  6. Hi Pete. Yes still using the 2560 x 1440p and settings are on high. Mean that will probably drop as I haven’t tried New York yet which I will try today some time. Plus like I said I do not think I will be buying anything else, though thinking I might need a bigger like hard drive, maybe a 4tb one but that will be it. No more spending on Computer stuff. :lol:. Thanks Derek.

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