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  1. Gotta tell ya…you made the Stockholm area way better than Asobo did with WU4… AMAZING I mean even Vikingline! Bromma Flygplats…. Epic in all ways and I see the picnic tables where I have eaten many times and of course KFC…WOW! Marcus, you have created the approach into Stockholm Bromma as real as it gets! I probably missed the information concerning it but, I seem to remember something about ESSV… will it come out separately ?
  2. Marcus hope you are keeping cool the weather by Stockholm standards is hot! Excellent that you and the family are on the upside. I say take all the time you need and make sure you’re still having fun. Nothing worse when work is not fun anymore I say. Then again as of July 2nd I took my retirement… and so far good
  3. No worries Nick and thanks for your reply. It’s just I am finding my self being distanced from Orbx forums since MSFS 2020 debut with videos and screenshots. It’s my hope that the Orbx corporation will find new and creative and positive thinking concerning the present rules. MSFS 2020 has a new and exciting future for flight simulation and along with Orbx leading the way with exciting product development that should be a boost for both companies. I am not saying for posters to highlight non Orbx products…of course Orbx and MSFS 2020 should be in focus. Just saying some creative thinking goes along way for the customers.
  4. Just wondering concerning videos and screenshots and rules here at Orbx. I use many products from Orbx and one of them is “SoFly Weather PresetPro”. Does this Partner Product count as screenshot and video acceptable in appropriate forums here at Orbx ?
  5. I have noticed the same. Great to see those ATR’s back… Stockholm skies are filling back up. The vaccine seems to be working.
  6. I heard that as well. Simply brilliant in honor of Avicii his parents must be heart warmed. ... great point about the POI.
  7. Holy Cow! Visby too! This is VERY un- inspected, the Xfactor with ESSB has become the XXFACTOR... man I love It!
  8. Marcus, excellent modeling you have got my attention more than ever. Still can not believe finally ESSB is a reality! ... AMAZING!!!
  9. It’s all about a brilliant approach seeing the landmarks around the area down to the numbers. No doubt Marcus has urm #%#€ it cough cough together with this package. Just like his other sceneries.
  10. https://www.google.se/search?q=bromma+airport+picnic+tables&client=safari&hl=en-se&prmd=imsvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwibq5-1z77uAhXB_CoKHTJ1D5gQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=320&bih=527&dpr=3#imgrc=NHZhXmu1pROajM
  11. Speaking of plane spotting, are the picnic tables over looking the runway modeled? I for one have eaten many KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) meals there.
  12. Holy Cow Marcus...you are very close to modeling Nacka Strand where I live...This is so much more than I could imagine. For those who never have been to Stockholm this scenery makes that happen.
  13. WOW WOW WOW!!! could not believe my eyes when I saw this one! Been waiting for years for this... brilliant!
  14. I for one would love to see this implemented. More to California the better.
  15. I have both and have not noticed any conflicts of any kind.
  16. I am running ULTRA and 4K and have not noticed any FPS issues. To be honest not much out there besides the lovely little airport to render. hope your issue gets fix. ... life is to short for low FPS.
  17. Thanks so much for the time in answering. No doubt that the area around KBUR is robust with objects with the city of Los Angeles and KLAX tons of things load up in the area. I have a high end computer ( I think ) running with ULTRA settings and in 4K. Flying around the Los Angeles basin takes it’s toll on even high end computers. Throw into the mix a High End airport and it’s no wonder things get squeezed up. The interesting thing you said is that it can be random... always something with this hobby. I will probably take the dive anyway and see what happens.
  18. I am aware of the issues that pilots are having with KBUR. My question: are their pilots NOT having issues. It’s still for sale with no disclaimer about issues. I would very much like to purchase the airport is why I am asking. ... thanks
  19. For what it’s worth I flew to KORS to 1S2 and back to KORS with no problems except for Fog drifting over the water on approach to KORS which was simply brilliant... I LOVE MSFS 2020! I flew the Bonanza with no ATC... I do not love the ATC at this stage of the Sim.
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