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  1. Hi Nick, I did log in to my Orbx account change the email address and it still reverting to the old email address. it was saying that Orbx will send me a validation link to validate my change but its been a few minutes and still no email to validate the change.
  2. To whom it may concern. The email I use to log into Orbx Central was hacked and I had to set up a different email account on Gmail. The question I have am I able to log into my Orbx account and update it with my new email address and will I be able to log into Orbx central with my new email address and use my same password for Orbx central so that I can continue to install all my Orbx products. Thank you any tips are welcomed.
  3. I didn know Palm tress grew in Utah in winter LOL
  4. yeah I am not really tech savvy and have no clue how to even start using AIG If thier is a tutorial on how to use this or how to install AI trafic from AIG please send me a link to it...Thanks Ian appreciate the help...
  5. Is this the one you are talking about and does it has commercial airliners in it AI Traffic North America General Aviation P3Dv4 From Orbx
  6. Really quick wanting to buy AI Traffic packaged which one is better Flight1 Traffic live or justflight global traffic Thanks
  7. I found something Kind of Odd Flying out of Edmonton City Airport. As I was about 7000 Feet in the air I look out the left window of my cockpit and saw a lot of Sandbars on the river that is flowing through Edmonton.. Is that Normal? I only have Global and Vector installed. I have the Libraries installed and Object flow installed as well.....So the question is what is the issue here and is this Normal thanks....I have taken a picture of the issue and have paste it below....
  8. Hi Nick it every airport Nick the scenery is covering every runway at every airport
  9. I do not know what has happened. I have never had issues like this ....I had to reformat my harddrive I re installed Prepar3v4.5. Then I installed Global it was fine installed Vector it was fine Installed OL NA went to check this is what I got I have uninstalled Vector and OL NA still the same issue. Need some help and I am hoping this is a easy fix and that I wont get a book full of Technical Greek as i am not that tech savy...Thanks for a response on how to fix this issue
  10. This is just a question...I know that everyone is on the board with the New “MSFS”2020. But are thier going to be limited scenery put out for Preparv4/5 at this point. I am not jumping on MSFS anytime soon or maybe ever But I am seeing quite of few items being put out for MSFS and I think that’s great but ...I like prepar way to much and it feels like a real simulator to me ...just looking for some clarification on this ....Thanks ....
  11. Ok About a year ago I kind of was frustrated with KSUN as the picture below describes the problem That probably is not going to be fixed...Due to Turbulent design is no longer with Orbx...I Know the reason why this is happening. This has to do with the sloped runway at KSUN is why we are having this issues,,, I will tell you how i know is because KFLL from Latin VFR has sloped runways as well and i have the same problem there as well.. Please we don't need sloped runways in Preparv4...Thanks all it does is causes issues like the picture below....
  12. Hello Everyone, I had to reformat my hard drive a few days ago. I have reinstalled FSX but now the problem is it keeps crashing mid flight. I know thier was a UIAutomation.dll file that you had to download then install within FSX root folder. Does any one know where I can find that file an updated version of it or website I need to go to to download it. And if so can you send me a link to the website or Microsoft webpage where I can find it..Also does anyone have a good youtube tutorial on best settings for FSX using Orbx products.. Thank you kindly.. Edwin
  13. I know it’s hard to rid of FSX as well because I have so many FSX addon thousands of dollars worth ...and a lot of those addon the developer never moved over to prepar v4 and some of them said they are not planning on porting those over from FSX..plus most of Orbx newer products are for either Xplane or Prepar 4 and v5 so that’s my dilemma .
  14. Hi everyone, I have FSX installed and also preparv4 is it worth keeping FSX is FSX dead .should I quit using FSX and I install it ..is it worth keeping ...any thoughts...
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