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  1. I assuming since I haven’t gotten a response to this that true earth willl not be a continued products thanks
  2. I have a quick question. I am interested in some of the true earth products for preparv4.5. I would ask is that I have Global,Vector,and Open LC North America all installed do I need to uninstall all of those in order for True Earth to work? Second question is Orbx going to continue to do more True Earth or anything like Sydney landscape for the USA or will these not being developed anymore. The only reason I ask is I don’t want to waste money if these products are not going to be continued thanks again.
  3. Thank you John that’s awesome . It was time for a upgrade the 1070ti was good for its day but with technology changing so fast I needed to do something about my card.
  4. Nick I am running a 1070ti right now. But I did just purchased a new graphics card I mentioned above.
  5. Is this graphics card any good for MSFS2020 graphics ASUS ROG Strix NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 V2 OC Edition Gaming Graphics Card (PCIe 4.0, 8GB GDDR6, LHR, HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4a, Axial-tech Fan Design, 2...
  6. I have base pack,vector,and openLC North American installed on preparv4.5 is buildings HD and TerraFlora v2 compatible with all three programs base pack,vector, and openLC NA. Thank you very much.
  7. Thank you Nick for your help as always greatly appreciate it. I will go to the developer and find out how we can fix this is issue. I just hope Asobo can work on getting this fixed as well because it’s not just Palm Springs it’s everywhere in MSFS2020. Happy holidays.
  8. Nick I uninstalled Palm Springs that I purchased from Orbx today and deleted it out of my community folder. Then I turned off Photogrammetry. but palm springs flying around the airport palm tress not there front area of parking by airport looks awful looks nothing in the pictures from the Palm springs i ordered today. flying around the city no tress just buildings so I dont know what else to do.pictures are below of what it look slike the last 2 pictures it what it should look like. and i did reinsatll Palm springs again
  9. Nick where do I go to do that and is thier anything else I need to switch off as well
  10. <?xml version="1.0"?> -<Content> <Package active="true" name="fs-base-ui-vr"/> <Package active="true" name="fs-base"/> <Package active="true" name="fs-base-ai-traffic"/> <Package active="true" name="fs-base-nav"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-modellib-buildings"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kord-chicago-ohare"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-vnlk-lukla"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-modellib-airport-generic"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-modellib-props"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-liveevent"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-vqpr-paro"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-ksfo-sanfrancisco"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-seqm-mariscal-sucre-quito"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lflj-courchevel"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-tffj-gustaf"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-omdb-dubai-intl"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-wx53-bugalaga"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-mrsn-sirena-station"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lpma-madeira"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-sbgl-riodejaneiro"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kjfk-new-york-jfk"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-yssy-sydney"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lemd-adolfo-suarez"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lxgb-gibraltar"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lowi-innsbruck"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lfpg-paris-charles-de-gaulle"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-tncs-saba"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-spgl-chagual"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-ksea-seattle-tacoma"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-lfcs-saucats"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-ksez-sedona"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-mhtg-toncontin"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-klax-losangeles"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-keb-nanwalek"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-rjtt-tokyo-haneda"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kmco-orlando"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-ktex-telluride"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-nzqn-queenstown"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-voloport"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-mecca"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-lsza-lugano"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-edvk-kassel"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-freiburg"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-pennine"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-griffith-observatory"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-lszh-zurich"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-helsinki"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-edja-allgau"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-mountcook"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-singapore"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-lszo-beromuenster"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-monument"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-eddp-leipzig"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-discovery-berlin"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-heca-cairo"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-cytz-billy-bishop"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-eidl-donegal"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-eddf-frankfurt"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-fact-cape-town"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kase-aspen"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-eham-amsterdam"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-czst-stewart-aerodrome"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-fxme-maketane"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-egll-heathrow"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-knkx-miramar-mcas"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kden-denver"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-huen-entebbe"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-c53-lowerloon"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kcof-patrickafb"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-vfx-staticmesh"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-cameras"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-jetways"/> <Package active="true" name="lvfr-tjsj"/> <Package active="true" name="flytampa-lasvegas-city"/> <Package active="true" name="flytampa-lasvegas-airport"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-usa-point-of-interest"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kswf-stewartintl"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-katl-atlanta"/> <Package active="true" name="microsoft-airport-kfhr-friday-harbor"/> <Package active="true" name="asobo-airport-kdfw-dallas-fort-worth"/> <Package active="true" name="lvfr-miami"/> <Package active="true" name="mkstudios-airport-bikf-keflavik"/> <Package active="true" name="fsimstudios-airport-cyhz-halifax"/> <Package active="true" name="tropicalsim-tist"/> <Package active="true" name="axonos-airport-kpsp-palm"/> <Package active="true" name="Orbx-airport-keyw-key-west-intl"/> </Content>
  11. Hello, I am having issues I bought the KSPS for MSFS2020 today the scenery looks fine but outside the scenery do some sight seeing i notice things that are suppose to be plam tress and tress look like big stones coming out of the ground everywhere and it looks terrible pictures are below not for sure why this is happening and why i have tall rocks when they are suppose to be palmtress or trees themselves thanks. pics are below.
  12. Yep Orbx Central is not letting me install anything i hit install and nothing happens i logged out and logged back in still can not install anything i hit install it pops up and thats it. I was installing PNW last night and it froze almost to end and stayed that way for hours. don.t know what is going on but its annoying.
  13. Have a quick question I want to purchase Terraflorav2 Or HD trees but need to find out more info. Does any of these 2 products interfere with third party addon airports that are non Orbx airports. and which one is the best terraflora or HD Trees and do they change colors by themselves according to what season it is or do i need to do that myself by changing the settings. I am leaning more on terraflora but wanted to get some feedback before i purchase this. Thanks.
  14. Good Morning, I need to know where to get help in trying to find out what email I have been using to make purchases on Orbx Cental as i have a slew of email address but the problem is my paper that I have all my emails and password on has simply vanished or my wife accidently tossed it out so now i am trying to log in and for the life of me cant remember the email I was using and have tried several emails with the hope that I got the right one but nope cant figure it out. The question is where do i need to go and find out what email i had been using. I can give them any information they need to verify that it is me and not some spammer. Nick hope you can help or lead me in the right direction thanks. I am getting old thats why i write everything down so that i dont forget.
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