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  1. Are you a customer like me? Are you saying I don't have the right to complain about jetways embedded in terminal buildings? No one is complaining about SODE. Default moving jetways are fine. As a customer of UK2000 airports those never had embedded jetways. Just Ctrl+j ones which are fine because they can be removed. I've only known of one other airport with embedded jetways. Lisbon by Aerosoft. All others - and I have a lot - are moveable.
  2. Nick, I can accept Ctrl+J jetways because those can be disabled but what is not acceptable is static ones built into a terminal building. Those cannot be removed without the developer modifying his design. That was my point which I consider valid.
  3. Hi @StevenD, just came across your post having found the same unsatisfactory default jetways at YMML. I would also add the terminal buildings leave a lot to be desired. I'll follow what you've done to get GSX jetways running. As for the static jetways it just shows how old this package is. I'll avoid those and hopefully after the GSX ones are in use I can live with the airport. You'd think an Australian company producing an airport for one of their major cities would have more pride in their work.
  4. Thank you! I wasn’t aware of that site.
  5. It should be made easy for customers to find products on sale. Just look at SimMarket. If Orbx want to sell things they should make it as easy as possible for people to find bargains. The number of new airports for P3D must be minuscule these days. All the emails I receive are for MSFS which I don’t own.
  6. Paying customers deserve a reply. Filter by partner? How many partners are there for P3D?
  7. Does anyone from Orbx read these posts? I would have expected a reply by now.
  8. I browsed through Orbx Central this morning to see what was available for P3D v5. I came across one airport that had a discounted price which I subsequently bought. If it was easy to see all products that were on sale it might boost sales. Any chance you could do that please?
  9. Locked topic as it’s impacted on many users...
  10. I’ve finally identified and resolved this DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error. I was never aware of DirectX Shader files. Opening Settings in Windows 10 and selecting the Storage option gives the user the option of deleting many temporary files. These include DirectX Shader files. Having cleared them I’ve not had the DXGI error in 6 flights. But I have also set my graphics card to Prefer Maximum Performance in the NCP and I have also set TDRDelay=0 in the Registry which turns off the DXGI message. But I suspect it’s clearing the DirectX Shaders that has fixed it.
  11. John, You're coming across as very defensive. Yes, settings need to be tweaked for the airport in question but given YBBN has such a huge impact on graphical performance with one critical setting I would have expected some mention of it. Strange how at all my other airports I don't have that problem. Anyway, I was just trying to be helpful.
  12. Hi Nick, I do have AUS v2 installed. Strange. I had to wait a while until the v5 installer was available but it's definitely installed and active. See attached screnshot. The 1080Ti is hardly cutting edge these days. Surely if guidelines are given for decent performance it should include an option that kills performance. I disabled the Dynamic 3D AutoGen setting but it made no difference. In comparison the Dynamic Lighting change from Medium to High had a seismic impact. That option really does need to be included especially for PMDG aircraft. My others had no problem with the HIgh setting.
  13. I'm tearing my hair out with the combination of the PMDG737NGXu and Orbx YBBN. With 30Hz set and VSync on fps in the sim should be limited to 30. But positioned at 19L C&D Shift+Z shows 22fps. If I turn off VSync it shows 34fps. But if I go into slew mode and move around the micro-stutters are very obvious and it's not smooth at all. If I switch to a Carenado PC12 everything is ultra-smooth at 30Hz (30fps maintained throughout). This is with EA/HDR both OFF. I cannot understand why the PMDG737 has such a massive hit at this airport. In the YBBN Configure screen there's no option for having AUS v2 installed which means the BGLs for YBBN in that package remain active. I've renamed them but really the installer should have that option. LATER: I've just discovered what is killing performance with the combination of the PMDG737NGXu and YBBN. Dynamic Reflections! Anything higher than Medium kills performance. There is no mention of this in the user guide. There needs to be please. The 1080Ti is still in widespread use so I imagine many others might be affected by this.
  14. I've just flown the same route with the Xtreme Prototypes Lear 25. Cruise at FL430, Mach 0.82. I used today's weather, not yesterday's but the weather being a factor would be odd. VRAM used ranged from 7.1Gb at YBBN to 5.7 enroute and 6.8 at FlyTampa YSSY. Well under the 11Gb of the 1080Ti. The flight was fine. I'll need to refly it with the PMDG 737-900 again. If it results in a DXGI problem then it would clearly point to the PMDG but searching through their forums reveals very little DXGI discussion. Weird.
  15. Thanks Graham. Those images confirm my install is identical. I’ll check which shadows I have enabled but I’m pretty sure the important ones are ticked. What a pity the real world designers couldn’t come up with something more aesthetically pleasing.
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