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    Flight simulators. I had A2-FS1 on my Apple II+ computer in 1981 and I have had every version of FS since. I'm currently running FSX. Additionally I have MS Flight & aeroflyFS. I have a lot of others that I currently no longer use.

    I am also interested in nice cars both real and simulated. I have a Dover gray 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder in my garage and I run GT Legends, GTR2, rFactor, and a number of other racing games. I follow NASCAR, F1 & the IRL.

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  1. Hi Nick, I agree. If I intended to get the SD version it would most likely be a problem but I don't. With HD installed plus the enhancement pack I'm getting far better frames than with the DD Seattle & DD Seattle area airports and those were usable with only an occasional stutter. The pack does improve the airports considerably especially KPAE. KRNT is pretty good too as is KSEA but a little more work on the museum at KBFI would be a good thing. I also notice that while the Southern most hangers at KTIW are still somewhat suspended in the air this is not quite as noticeable. The mesh seems to have been improved but could use a bit more improvement. Also there are still problems with the Grand Coulee Dam. The model looks great except for there being 5 penstock tubes instead of 6 on the 3rd powerhouse but probably only I would notice that. But what is very noticeable is that the dam is 30 or so feet higher than it should be. It needs to be set down into the rock so that the ends are even with the roads. And yes I know... to you guys these are nit picks but then I am a nit picker. I know these things will probably not get fixed but you never know unless you try, right? Thanks again for your patience!
  2. Thanks Nick, ORBX Central versus FTX Central finally sunk through my extremely thick skull. This one still seems to think I have both HD & SD installed but at least it did allow me to purchase the Enhancement Pack which is downloading now. There was one hangup when I put the new pack into the cart. It froze with a whirling circle thingy. I waited 20 minutes for that finish then killed ORBX Central with the task manager. When I restarted "OC" it showed the pack as being in the cart and allowed me to proceed with the purchase. Thank you for your assistance but most of all for your patience!
  3. So on the one hand you seem to be telling me to reinstall FTX Central. Then I take it you are saying that it still will not download or install. Then at the end you appear to be telling me that it can be installed. Is that manually or via FTX Central? Sorry that I am so thick headed. Add on bit: I tried to uninstall FTX Central and it does no appear on Windows' installed program list. I guess I could find the exe and delete it then download and replace it but that doesn't really constitute uninstalling? And yes I have already admitted that I have a very thick skull.
  4. I appreciate the response but I have to admit that I am confused by it. My understanding is that FTX Central is the prescribed way to purchase ORBX software these days. Are you telling me that I need to purchase it directly from the site and install it separately? This also does not explain why FTX Central thinks I already have the enhancement pack & the SD version bought & installed. ?? At my age confusion is a normal state of affairs for me but I would like to think there is a logical explanation here. Thanks again!
  5. FTX Central tells me that I own Washington HD, SD, & the enhancement pack and that they are all installed. I have only bought the HD version and I have no problems running that so I have not even considered buying the SD version. I guess buying may not be the proper word as the price as I understand it would be ZERO but I don't want to use up the extra disk space. But I would like to purchase the enhancement pack but I can't because FTX Central thinks I already have it. Your site on the other hand seems to be aware that I have not purchased or installed either the SD version or the enhancement pack. That is my situation... please help.
  6. Oh dear sir or madam, Can we please, please, pretty please have this for AFS2? I promise to buy it on day 1 it is available!
  7. Late correction: When I said "I will consider each on it's appear." I meant "I will consider each on it's appeal"... and I'll add that I mean how it appeals to me. Thank you.
  8. Well thank you for the information. I think this is unfortunate. I will continue to buy some products for XP11 but a good many of them will have to wait until they become available for AFS2 which is my preferred platform for relaxed flying especially in VR. And I do realize that with ORBX & AFS2 it is probably more a question of if rather than when they become available. 2W3 was a favorite of mine in FSX/P3D except for the fact that many times the 32 bit sims would encounter memory errors and crash the sim in that area. I have to think on if Swanson is worth full price to me for XP11 or not. But I can assure you that I will not be buying the smaller grass fields for XP11 at full price. If and when they find their way to AFS2 I will consider each on it's appear. As I said above... I consider this policy change very unfortunate.
  9. Hi, On airports which I own for FSX/P3D I am used to being offered and in some cases having received a 40% discount when I buy them for XP11. I do own 2W3 Swanson for FSX/P3D but I am not being offered any discount for this airport for XP11. Is this an error or is there some reason for this? Hopefully this is the proper forum for this question. Thank you.
  10. I didn't "trash" the folder but I did remove it to another drive totally out of the sim. At some point I may try to reinstall those airports but if I do that will be several months from now if at all. I am not knowledgeable enough about XP11 to understand what you mean by LEGO packs. That sounds like something I used 60 some years ago to build imaginary buildings with.
  11. The problem I mentioned above happened before I bought & installed TEUSWA. I did figure out where I made a mistake when trying to use DD's airports. I removed a line about the mesh near the bottom of the "ini" file but missed one near the top. By the time I figured that out I had already removed the airports so I left them out and moved onto getting WA ready to go. DD's airports are really much more detailed than the others but for now I think I will leave them out. The non DD versions are "fairly decent" and at the moment I am more interested in checking out other areas. I am finding a few buggy spots but nothing too terrible as of yet. I need to do some more testing then I will report what I have found. I don't think I will even try to put back in the DD airports until after the "HD" upgrade comes in mid July I think. I will wait and see if that has an impact on those airports. I also want to wait and see if industrious folks like yourself are able to resolve your floating buildings and what not. By the way I've found a few floating buildings of my own and they are nowhere near those airports. You can find a couple of semi floating hangers at the South end of KTIW for example. The two Southern most hangers are on the ground at their Northern ends... Southern ends are dangling in mid air. I've hopped around the state a fair amount but have much more to check out but I have to be up early so I need to get to bed now. Be well!
  12. Hi again guys, So OK there may be compatibility but not worth the effort. I removed the DD Seattle City stuff and the mesh entry and the files for all of that stuff. Then I brought up XP at KSEA and overflew KBFI & KRNT then restarted at KPAE. It works but all the stuff that makes DD's airports special is gone as are all terminal buildings and so forth. So once I have some lunch I will go back and remove the DD Seattle Airport package and try again. Then it will be about time to buy TEUSWA and begin the download. Thanks again!
  13. Do I have to disable the mesh for both DD's Seattle City & Seattle Airports? I assume so but like I said I'm an old guy who learns slowly. Thanks Forget this dumb additional question... it looks as if there is only one mesh entry and that is for the airports... I assume that is the one to be disabled. Thank you!
  14. Thanks guys, Hopefully that will sort things out. The DD scenery of Seattle was great but very hard on frames. I want to get that scenery less the airport package removed to a separate 4TB "backup" disk before I purchase & install Washington on my 2TB SSD which is reserved for flight sims. ORBX's Seattle except for the airports looks to be equal to DD's for beauty and if we can go by the fact that with ORBX TEGBS installed flying over London is far smoother on frames than default XP11 London scenery so Seattle should be great. Of course using DD's airports will slow that some but shouldn't be too bad away from those airports. Besides which I am interested in far more than Seattle with this TEUSWA purchase... like my home town of Tacoma and the Grand Coulee Dam area which I lived in for about 18 months years ago. There are many other points of interest I'm anxious to see. Thanks again for the info.
  15. Hi, I assume that your Washington is not compatible with DD's Seattle City and I am quite prepared to remove DD's version. But I gather that you are using many of the XP-11 airports especially in what X-Plane calls it's gateway cities. I think Seattle would qualify as gateway. I also notice that in your screen shots showing the Seattle area KSEA and KPAE look rather bland. I am curious as to if DD's Seattle Airport package is compatible with ORBX Washington? That would be KSEA, KPAE, KRNT, KBFI, and the small field in Auburn... S50 I think. I will gladly remove those too if I must but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask? I suspect others will have the same question too. A second question if I may... I have KVUO installed... your version of course. Do I need to remove it then reinstall it after installing Washington or will WA install around if without problems? I know I am being a pain in the butt but I'm old and I worry about things. Thanks!
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