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    Flight simulators. I had A2-FS1 on my Apple II+ computer in 1981 and I have had every version of FS since. I'm currently running FSX. Additionally I have MS Flight & aeroflyFS. I have a lot of others that I currently no longer use.

    I am also interested in nice cars both real and simulated. I have a Dover gray 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder in my garage and I run GT Legends, GTR2, rFactor, and a number of other racing games. I follow NASCAR, F1 & the IRL.

    I love the Internet but I'm an old guy and I don't follow Facebook, Twitter, and that sort of thing. I'm too old and cranky for that. I have followed various forums for years and even moderated a few but that is as "social" as I get.

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  1. Hi Gerold, It is a very good thing that the war ended. I can only speculate that perhaps in Germany they didn't want to celebrate a loss. I can understand that sentiment but Memorial Day should be all about the brave men & women who fought for what they believed in and I would hope you have some way set aside to do that in your country as well. I spent 2 years living in Japan and I know they could be very spiritual about their fallen heroes. I did not understand their cerimonies but I respected them.
  2. Fascinating bit of history and some great paints, thank you. Also a big thanks to Ken Temple for personalizing it all for us. It really brings home this Memorial Day holiday for those of us in the US. Thanks again, Tom Wunder (Memorial Day is observed the last Monday of May in the US to memorialize our fallen heroes.)
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