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  1. I tried Nick's suggestion and sadly it didn't work for me. London Landmarks disabled for now which seems to be the culprit when flying from EGLC.
  2. Yes having the same problem. However it's not Orbx EGLC per-say which is the issue. It appears to be Orbx London Landmarks. I tried EGLC on it's own and loading into that airport was fine, but EGLC and London landmarks and it crashes. But here's the odd thing. if you fly from an airport outside London I.e. Southend or even the one closer say at Ruislip then London Landmarks loads fine, it's just loading in using London Landmarks when flying from EGLC that causes the crash. Delete London Landmarks for now and you'll be fine.
  3. It's already in today's development update, so I'm expecting it to be in the store soon if it's not in already. https://www.flightsimulator.com/july-15th-2021-development-update/
  4. Lovely shots Iain, I have to say the lighting you guys can produce in this sim is exquisite, especially the bridges over the river.
  5. Well then you are lucky, I have to delete Asobo Innsbruck after the USA and UK World Updates otherwise it clashes with the Orbx one.
  6. There are some absolutely amazing free airports for MSFS. Still as a french person you must be looking forward to the Benelux update next month - there will be some more high quality airports there.
  7. No just what I've seen. I just thought the balance and intensity over the entire city scape looked better in Cloudsurf's version than Orbx which was much more understated. Very much a personal opinion - both products look great!
  8. Looking absolutely gorgeous. You guys are getting really good at this! Runway textures look fantastic, infact the texture work throughout looks phenomenal. I love the usual high attention to detail for the landside which really seems to have taken off in this sim. Probaby because developers have more bandwitdh to add more custom objects and it really shows.
  9. Yes a hearty congratulations to Cloudsurf Asia for this really nice addon to MSFS. For such a big airport you've added so much detail and the Jewel building is a wonderful show-off feature of this airport which as it deserves looks fantastic at night. The city scenery looks great too but there might be some competition around - still I think your city night lighting looks better!
  10. Fantastic modelling of Paris. Looking forward to this coming out soon. Orbx are setting a high bar with these cityscapes, some other developers have tried to create 100+ buildings but the quality drops off drmatically. This is an outstanding effort by the team, well done.
  11. Yep I'll vote for those two, but after these screenshots I want a London 2.0 haha! Hong Kong is already available from Samscene but I have to say I was a little dissappointed - I do think the base MSFS scenery doesn't help, it's a very challenging area to get right with the topology and buildings, not an easy task but I'm sure somebody will step up to the plate do this city justice.
  12. Just had a look at this and it looks great. I love how DD have blended the buildings in with the photogrammetry instead of some developers who have just flattened the area and built models on top of it. My only critique would be the night lighting with looks ok but is a bit to overley done and perhaps should be toned down a little?
  13. Highly recommend getting this scenery, it's amazing and if you know London at all you will definately appreciate the 100's of custom models lining the banks of the Thames and many more further afield. As a Londoner this is an absolutely terrifc job by Orbx. Also you must get Orbx EGLC which complements the London Landmarks wonderfully. I really wouldn't worry about the UK update. They are adding 60 POI's and if they do clash with Orbx's work like adding Wembley Staduim I'm sure that will be addressed in a later patch as this product is also being sold on the official MSFS Marketplace.
  14. This does look interesting. I don't want to be a humbug at Christmas but I can just set these up using the custom options in game right? Can somebody explain what this actually means?
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