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  1. Let’s visit first Panama City








    Above the canal’s entrance I realize that crossing it would be much more interesting in a ship



    The last time I have used a ship was the Queen Mary in Sydney. She has crossed the canal multiple times, so I won’t use her now for this crossing. I know of a ship, which has used this canal only once, in 1946. It’s the German battle cruiser Prinz Eugen, now under her new name USS Prinz Eugen










     The first locks near Panama city are the Cocoli locks



    Having left the Miraflores Lake, we approach the Via Centenario Bridge



    With a speed of 35 knots, it is easy to overtake other ships



    Suddenly I feel so tiny :)





    The final locks before we arrive in Colon on the Pacific side are the Gatun locks



    Colon is in the background



    On our way to the US Naval Base in San Diego




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  2. 18 hours ago, wain71 said:

    some nice shots there Bernd...

    Many thanks, Wayne


    18 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    Beautifully colored images Bernd, and I enjoy the historical narrative as well. Great stuff! :)



    Thank you so much, Landon


    18 hours ago, BradB said:

    Germany looks great in MSFS IMHO . :):D

    Thanks, John. That's my impression too


    18 hours ago, Stillwater said:

    Great shots and short parts of history, Bernd. Among much other things one should remember the Olympic Games 1972…!

    Thanks a lot, Gerold. The olympics for sure, but then also the annual Kiel week, if we want to go into more details. If I'm not mistaken this sailing event is the largest one in Europe


    3 hours ago, John Mac said:

    Great shots and information Bernd. Loved it!


    I'm glad you like them, John


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  3. Fantastic journey Tahiti to Frankfurt, Gerold with some great shots. We are so blessed with the quality of our modern flight simulators. Re Bailey's, a long time ago a LH captain suggested that I pour a bit of that stuff into my coffee. Since then I do that on every flight :) 

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  4. Kiel lies approximately 90 km (56 mi) north of Hamburg. Due to its location on the southwestern shore of the Baltic Sea, Kiel has become one of Germany's major maritime centers, known for a variety of international sailing events. It has also been one of the traditional homes of the German Navy's Baltic fleet.


    The more I fly the Fokker, the more I like the old lady. It’s ideal for exploring a region low and slow.













     Getting close to the Laboe Naval Memorial, which was built in the late 1920s, early 1930s, originally as a memorial for the dead of WWI of the German navy. In 1954 it was rededicated as a memorial for the sailors of all nationalities who were lost at sea and at the same time a memorial for peaceful sailing in open seas. In front of it sits a WWII-era German submarine. U-995 is the world's only remaining Type VII U-boat.






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  5. On 5/5/2022 at 9:04 PM, lifejogger said:

    Nice flight and super shots!!!!!!!!!!  I like that trimotor.

    Many thanks, John


    On 5/5/2022 at 9:09 PM, Stillwater said:

    Great plane, great shots and great looking scenery.

    It would be fantastic if LH would bring her back to the skies, but probably not in foreseeable time…

    Thanks a lot Gerold. I don't think that D-AQUI will ever see the clouds from above again. But there are good news. The former owner and CEO of the Rimova luggage company, who was a great supporter of Ju-Air and now builds and sells the Junkers F-13 has decided to build the Ju-52 again. The company is based in Switzerland (at the airport St. Gallen-Altenrhein), but all the work will be done in Germany. The plane will come with modern avionics and modern Turbo engines. Instead of 17, it will offer seats for only 14 pax in order to increase leg room. First flight is scheduled for 2025.


    23 hours ago, BradB said:

    Glorious shots Bernd . :):)

    Many thanks, my friend


    21 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    Wow Bernd, awesome looking images with beautiful scenery and a nice vintage aircraft! Great stuff! 



    I'm happy you like them, Landon


    18 hours ago, gumbypickett said:

    Fantastic set Bernd.

    I would love to get behind the steering wheel

    and do spirals.:D



    Hahaha, great idea


    13 hours ago, wain71 said:

    some wonderful shots there Bernd, some great shadowing to within the cockpit...

    Many thanks, Wayne


    13 hours ago, John Mac said:

    Fantastic shots Bernd to say the least!


    Much appreciated, John


    11 hours ago, adambar said:

    Grand set of shots Bernd! :)

    Thanks a lot, Adam


    10 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

    Great set of shots Bernd.



    I'm glad you like them, Iain


    10 hours ago, boetie said:

    One word - superb

    Thanks for sharing Bernd.


    Graeme :)

    Thank you so much, Graeme


    6 hours ago, ikbenik said:

    A far away destination for this 'Tante Ju'. Great serie of captures in- and out the plane in a gorgeous scenery. 

    A very far destination indeed :) Many thanks for your kind comment

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  6. On 5/2/2022 at 6:41 PM, Sniper31 said:

    Interesting take on sim images Bernd :) Very well done showing off the beautiful Sydney harbour. 



    Many thanks, Landon. I think the Queen fits right in there :)


    22 hours ago, BradB said:

    Better in Sydney Harbor and afloat than a diver's mecca off the coast of SoCal . :blink::(

    I fully agree with you, John


    Thanks a lot, Carlos


    7 hours ago, ikbenik said:

    Great modelled iconic ship. Is that the one who is put as museum in Long Beach - CA-US ? How to you portover from FSX? Is he really so much smaller than the Queen Mary II as the last shot shows?

    For the porting over I use a software called MSFS Legacy Converter. I think your other questions were already answered by Frank


    7 hours ago, adambar said:

    Looks great Bernd! :)  Took a tour of her in 1990, beautiful ship.

    Thanks, Adam. I toured her twice, once in the late 1980s and once in 2001. Both times I decided to book a room on the ship, so I had more time to explore her. The old first class accomodations can be booked. Very 1930s!! The second time around I took the family along. They loved it too.


    4 hours ago, TigerTigerM said:

    Nicely done, Bernd.


    Many thanks, TTM


    4 hours ago, Frank Schnibben said:

    Great idea to show the two QMs side by side! :) 


    At first I wondered too, but the last image is certainly distorted by the fisheye effect (just as QM1 appears larger than QM2 a few images up).
    That said, QM2 is really quite a hunk (QM2 310m vs QM1 269m).

    By the way, I found an interesting size comparison with the Titanic:



    Thank you so much, Frank. Thank you also for the comparison shot with the Titanic. Very interesting!


    2 hours ago, wain71 said:

    great shots there Bernd, very interesting take on things.....

    Many thanks, Wayne


    1 hour ago, Sniper31 said:

    I actually did a haunted tour of the Queen Mary back in the early 90's. 



    I had heard about it, but I missed that one unfortunately. But my first stay (alone) was interesting in another sense, as I was on a guided tour that was letting us see the entire engine room. Absolutely fascinating. I don't know, whether this is still possible today. In 2001 it was off any tour offered.

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  7. 6 hours ago, Stillwater said:

    In fact I was not the only one, many GA planes buzzing around Tahiti (fed in by UT Live). At least I did not have to go around...

    Sorry Gerold, I didn't make myself clear enough. I meant more the stretches over the Pacific :) I used to fly from Asia to the US a lot. In those lucky days I was still able to visit the crew on the flightdeck and usually the captain told me that there was no other commercial airliner around us for miles on end ;)

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