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  1. 21 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    Wonderful flight and shots of this newly released vintage aircraft Bernd :) You flew over some beautiful scenery before the "accident" so at least you have that positive memory :D ;)



    Many thanks Landon for helping me keeping a "positive memory" :):)


    20 hours ago, BradB said:

    I resemble your flying style Bernd , gear up and bent props ............

    Seriously , amazing shots my friend . :):)

    Thanks a lot, John


    20 hours ago, Stillwater said:

    Outstanding plane, location and landing, Bernd. I will have to watch this post on a bigger monitor tomorrow… :D

    Many thanks, Gerold, But I'm not so sure, whether I like my landing a lot. On a more optimistic note, the roll-phase after touch down was very short :D


    18 hours ago, jean marc said:

    a wonderful tour Bernd and epic narrative


    ... and well quite far from home for canadian pilots B) maybe lost :lol:

    Thanks a lot, Jean Marc. Yeah, very far from home ;)


    7 hours ago, John Mac said:

    Great tour and narrative! Gear locked the next time!:)


    You bet, John and thanks for commenting


    7 hours ago, wain71 said:

    fantastic set of shots, looks a great plane but I feel I would end up worse off than you did...plane looks good to...

    Once you get used to fly this thing it is actually quite fun, give or take the odd three fatal mistakes you seem to do all the time :banghead: 

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  2. Very nice screenies, Andy!


    2 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

    and it doesn't seem likely PMDG or A2A will ever be in MSFS

    Jack, Robert Randazzo from PMDG announced a few days ago that the 737-700 will be out probably by the end of this month. So lets keep our fingers crossed :)

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  3. This Boeing 247 is one of the most demanding planes I have had for a long time. Absolutely fascinating and as we will see towards the end, plenty of things that will go wrong if you don’t follow procedures.




    Do we have GPS or autopilot? Forget it, but I can offer you fuses that you need to switch or replace, if needed.















    Near Mount Aspiring Nat. Park



    Above Lake Hawea






    Lake Pukaki








    Lower the gear, please

    Gear has been lowered.

    Lock the gear, please

    Lock the gear?

    Lock the gear!!

    What’s that?





    You fool didn’t lock the gear, did you?


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  4. 23 hours ago, BradB said:

    Grand set of shots Bernd . :):)

    Thanks a lot, John


    20 hours ago, ken2410 said:

    very nice shots.

    Many thanks, Ken


    19 hours ago, zkdos said:

    Lovely evening light!

    Many thanks, Andy


    18 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    Lots of goodness here in these shots Bernd! Some beautiful and stunning captures during your flight around the area. The Fokker is looking majestic in these as she is flying over the scenery.



    I'm happy you like them, Landon


    16 hours ago, lifejogger said:

    Excellent shots Bernd!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much, John


    8 hours ago, Stillwater said:

    Some great perspectives, Bernd. But... have you noticed that your copilot has gone, probably to fetch some drinks?

    Hahaha, you are absolutely right, Gerold ! Flying this old lady is hard work, so he offered to get me a stiff one :D


    7 hours ago, John Mac said:

    Stunning set of shots Bernd!


    Thanks a lot, John


    7 hours ago, wain71 said:

    some fantastic shots there Bernd...

    Many thanks, Wayne (I'm glad you are not another John :))


    5 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

    Smashing set of shots these. 



    Thank you for your comment, Iain


    5 hours ago, adambar said:

    Grandiose set of shots Bernd! :)

    I'm glad you like them, Adam




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  5. 19 hours ago, BradB said:

    Solid shots Bernd . :D:)

    Many thanks John


    18 hours ago, jean marc said:

    excellent idea to fly this legend :) And with only one engine ! Need to try too O0 thanks Bernd

    Thanks a lot, Jean Marc


    17 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    What an adventurous flight Bernd, love that 'new' bridge ;) Good job with the cool picture of this vintage bird flying over the ocean like that.



    Thank you very much for commenting, Landon


    8 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

    Fine post.



    Much appreciated


    6 hours ago, wain71 said:

    superb set of shots you have done there, where does the bridge go from & to?

    Many thanks, Wayne. The bridge goes from Gibraltar to the coast of Morocco, but only here in MSFS. In reality, there is none :)


    4 hours ago, adambar said:

    Wonderful captures Bernd! :)

    Thank you very much, Adam


    1 hour ago, TigerTigerM said:

    Well done Bernd

    Single engine Fokkers will, as I write, be being dragged from the back of hangars by the owners who never got off the ground, to take another shot at getting in the air.

    I wonder if Orbx did a secret update & gave her a few more horses?

    As to the bridge too far?, I suspect you've been on the Borkum Riff again:)



    Hahaha, Borkum Riff is good, but I prefer Cuban cigars :)

    I also suspect that Orbx did an upgrade to its first release, which is fine. Now the single engine version takes off with more ease and can reach a top speed of some 85 knots, but I wouldn't pick her for crossing the Alps. But this, I suspect, was the same with the rl plane, so no worries.


    1 hour ago, lifejogger said:

    Enjoyed your shots Bernd!!!!!!!

    Thanks a lot, John

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  6. First reviews of this plane weren‘t too favorable, so I thought, I’ll pass this one. But as I’m a sucker for vintage planes, yesterday I caved in and bought it. After a few flights I have to admit I really like it, also the single engine version. Admittedly, it isn’t the easiest plane to fly, but that is at least for me more than half of the fun.


    Here we are parked with the single engine KLM version at the Gibraltar airport. I plan to cross the Straight of Gibraltar in order to visit the new bridge that has been constructed. You didn’t know? Well, I read about it on the internet, so it must be true. :):)





    At around 50 knots we are up in the air




    Trick is to keep her level right after take-off, so she can build up enough speed to gain higher altitudes further on







    And here is the new bridge. Quite a massive undertaking



























    And surprise, surprise, no ship overtook us. :D

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  7. 19 hours ago, BradB said:

    These shots rule Bernd just like the pharaoh's ......:)B):P

    Many thanks, John


    18 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

    Wonderful shots Bernd, and great inspiration from the Death on the Nile story, whether it be the newer movie or the older ( I like them both). Great decision to fly the Nieuport for this flight...she fits right in :) 



    Thank you very much for your comment, Landon. I also thought that the Nieuport will be a good fit for this flight :)


    16 hours ago, lifejogger said:

    Excellent shots of the Nile, enjoyed looking at them.  Where did you get this scenery?

    Many thanks, John. The scenery is MSFS default ;)


    16 hours ago, Stillwater said:

    Amazing shots and light, Bernd.

    We also consider the 1970s adaptations of the Poirots the best, with an outstanding number of great actors, and style.

    Thank you very much, Gerold. They were great actors for sure.


    15 hours ago, gumbypickett said:

    Very well captured shots Bernd.

    Great detail.:)



    I'm glad you like them, Gumby


    8 hours ago, adambar said:

    Fantastic shots and journey Berne, enjoyed the trip! :)



    Many thanks Adam, also for the song


    3 hours ago, wain71 said:

    great shots, talk of the Nile had me humming a Madness song - Night Boat to Cairo-....


    Thanks a lot, Wayne. First time I see this clip :D

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