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  1. 4 hours ago, carlosqr said:

    These are amazing shots

    Scottland is one of the nicests places for flying, it never disappoints in any weather but live one is always unique



    Thanks Carlos. Yeah, Scotland looks really great. We now have so many nice places to explore, sometimes you really don't know, where to start :)

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  2. 6 hours ago, andiflyit said:

    Very nice set Bernd! :) Is the Twin Otter ok in MSFS or are there any issues?

    Thanks Andreas. I'm not a rw pilot and have never flown in the Twotter, so from my theoretical experience I can say she flies really fine. So far I have not experienced any issues


    6 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

    My question too Andreas, been thinking about buying it.  Can it use the payware GTN 750?

    From what I have read over at the Aerosoft forum, for the time being you cannot use your GTN 750. But I think they are looking into it, as many have asked for it.



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  3. 8 hours ago, paulb said:

    Excellent shots Bernd. I particularly like the two approach images :).

    Great to hear that you liked them, Paul


    7 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

    Cool shots Bernd.  It still amazes me to see a cockpit with no yoke.  Imagine flying something so large with not only just a literal joystick but your left hand if you’re right handed.

    Hahaha, I had the very same feelings, when I first saw a cockpit picture of a 320 series Airbus. And I think we both are not alone with this feeling :)


    5 hours ago, Caluma65 said:

    Really nice set of shots Bernd with some amazing sky colours!  Cheers,



    Many thanks, Calum


    4 hours ago, TigerTigerM said:


    Superb shots!


    Thanks a lot, TTM


    4 hours ago, carlosqr said:

    Wow, these are just beautiful

    Love the atmpsheric look, the time/weather is indeed great

    It is hard for me to understand why this airport has not been made by anyone, being is such a spectacular location and altitude.

    I used to enhoy it a lot when LatinVFR had made it.

    This would be a good chance for Orbx to do something for SA

    The sensation of flying over the city in that hole/valley while approaching is unique






    I absolutely agree with you Carlos. This airport needs to be modeled !


    3 hours ago, BradB said:

    Fine set of shots Bernd . 

    Many thanks buddy


    3 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

    An amazing set Bernd.

    I like the images over Titicaca as well as the first approach view with the mountains as the backdrop.:)


    Thanks a lot, Martyn. Titicaca and the mountains around La Paz really make this a special destination


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  4. 13 hours ago, ikbenik said:

    Great Journey and a safe landing on the Beach. Don't stay to long because flood is coming :lol:

    Hahaha, I try to leave asap


    12 hours ago, BradB said:

    Amazing scenery Bernd , thanks for posting your shots . :):)

    Many thanks, my friend


    11 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

    Excellent flight Bernd and I'm still amazed what Microsoft and Orbx has wrought, it's amazing.  I'm on a 3 hour flight north in South America and the snow covered mountains and glaciers are amazing.

    That ninth shot is fantastic!

    Thanks a lot, buddy. Yeah, the Andes look amazing with the Orbx treatment


    11 hours ago, Caluma65 said:

    Very nice shots Bernd.  Incredible colours in those waters - i'll bet it's cold right enough.  Cheers,



    Many thanks, Calum. I liked the waters around Barra too (from the air)


    3 hours ago, paulb said:

    Nice set Bernd. I enjoyed your flight. Good to see the map too :).

    Glad you liked them, Paul


    2 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

    Splendid scenic flight Bernd.

    The sea looks very angry too.:)


    Thanks a lot, Martyn


    1 hour ago, John Mac said:

    Brilliant stuff Bernd. Enjoyed these shots immensely!


    Many thanks, John

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  5. 1 hour ago, BradB said:

    Love it , these shots hit the spot Bernd . :wub::ph34r::D

    Thank you very much, my friend :)


    1 hour ago, paulb said:

    Nice set Bernd :). I was looking at that scenery only yesterday. Some very orderly queuing by the penguins waiting to board! 

    Many thanks, Paul, and all of them came properly attired :D


    1 hour ago, Jack Sawyer said:

    My jaw is on the floor, what a sim and what a nice set of shots Bernd!  Were the penguins there or part of the plane?  My wife's favorite animal, penguins.

    Thanks a lot, buddy


    1 hour ago, Captain Lars said:

    Fantastic shots, Bernd! Truly a marvellous landscape. Is the ice static or depends its extension on the season?

    I'm happy you like them, Lars. Some of the ice is static and some floats around, depending on the season. Also the Polarstern is part of the package and she cruises the area, but as she is also an icebreaker, I guess she does that all the time


    14 minutes ago, Stillwater said:

    Yes, yes, yes. These are amazing! And these huge supply tanks on bord would make Hilda happy!

    BTW the most eco-friendly way to enjoy Antarctica, flight simming should be a "must-do" for all those who consider travelling there.

    Many thanks, Gerold. Most certainly a very eco-friendly way to explore this beautiful part of the world. And as this sim evolves further, for many other places in the world too. Question: do you want to do your upcoming NZ tour the virtual way only? Just kidding :D:D  

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