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  1. After Gerold ask me yesterday, if i know this thread (which i don't know ) and after 4000+ post, i decided to give you some information about me. I was born in April 1979 in Berlin and grew up in West Berlin with the US Army as a neighbor. I'm working as an Architect. I don't know exactly when i started flight simming but a friend of mine showed me FS5 when we were at school. I must admit that i know nothing about aviation in real life, flight simming is more a kind of short vacation for me. That's me in December 2013 My second hobby beside flight simming is basketball (blame it on the US Army ). I'm not a typical german guy because i don't like soccer! My boyhood idols were Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. I'm a big fan of my hometown team ALBA Berlin http://www.albaberlin.de/home.html and a member of the RSV Eintracht http://rsv-basketball.de/. Me and my team-mates - i'm the guy with #1 I'm not married but happy with my girlfriend for 15 years now.
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