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  1. Nick, my issue was account-related. Sorted it out with Orbx down-under. Cheers, Herman
  2. Hi Nick, I'm encountering a similar situation. Have just installed new drives and cannot get to my past purchased sceneries. I looked for a log but it's empty. Can you please investigate and advise. Thank you. Herman
  3. I read an article regarding the above whereby it states that for ie. MKS Lisbon product you are able to transfer the license from Simmarket to Orbx. Perhaps I've overlooked the topic but where and how does this work? I purchased MKS Lisbon via Simmarket and would be happy to transfer it so it too is displayed in ORBXDirect. Thanks. Herman
  4. P3D v4.5HF3 | PMDG B747-400 | Orbx OpenLC Africa (over Namibian soil) Good luck to all...
  5. Great adventure series there, Gerold... I see you survived the Tasmanian Devil! Herman
  6. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. Had a struggle trying to place the screenshot. Special thanks to Carlosqr and Stillwater for the tip! Herman
  7. PMDG's B747-400 + Orbx Global openLC Africa https://i.imgur.com/yB60sN8.jpg Herman
  8. Based on an actual scheduled flight... Hope you like it and thanks for watching. Herman
  9. Can't wait for the Helsinki product to be launched!
  10. Performed a short flight recently from Vienna, Schwechat Airport, Austria to Dubrovnik, Cilipi Airport, Croatia. The city of Dubrovnik is a world heritage site.Aircraft used was an Austrian Airlines A319. The weather was good and the flight duration was 1 hour, 15 minutes.The flight schedule was based on an actual operated flight. So fasten your seatbelts and let's fly... Our flightplan from Vienna (LOWW), Austria to Dubrovnik (LDDU), Croatia Our wheels start rolling after having obtained pushback & engine start clearance Our pushback is now nearly completed and our aircraft faces the direction of where we need to taxi to. During this time our engines 2 +1 (in respective order), are spooling up Having obtained taxi clearance and after completion of the checklists, we head along the taxi-way towards our assigned runway We continue our taxi to the assigned runway 16 for take-off After take-off, we initially climb to FL50. After making the appropriate turn, you see the Vienna, Schwechat Airport in the background Our climb continues after having gained the Air Traffic Control (ATC) instruction to ascend to FL130 and later to FL290 Having achieved our cruising altitude FL290, it's time for... coffee. Just wish sometimes they would serve cappuccino! The landscape below changes rapidly to rugged mountain scenery Soon ATC advises us to initiate our descent from FL290 to FL240 and thereafter continue to FL170 An external view of our aircraft and landscape In the meantime ATC had instructed us to further descend to FL110 followed by FL90 as we get closer to our destination. We get our first glimpse of the Adriatic Sea Views of the Adriatic coastline We fly past Dubrovnik, Cilipi Airport as we need to be on the approach for runway 29 As we fly past our destination in a southerly direction, we descend further as instructed by ATC and prepare ourselves for some interesting maneuvers... We first do a sharp turn to the right bringing us over the Adriatic Sea We approach the Adriatic coastline and fly towards the rugged landscape. I was getting quite concerned in respect of our height at this stage (never mind moments later)! Having mustered all the confidence possible as we fly around a coastal mountain and flow the flightpath to the left... what can we expect around the corner??? Wow! Runway 29 in sight and... as indicated by the 4 red lights a little too low for comfort I immediately rectified the altitude situation and now continued the approach at the appropriate height as indicated by 2 white / 2 red lights... I'm still sweating at this stage! After touchdown we taxi towards the main terminal building Having arrived at our assigned gate the jetway is connected to our aircraft... welcome to the "Pearl of the Adriatic"! Airport views (Orbx product) Thanks for looking!
  11. Nice one, Gerold! I'm sticking with P3Dv4.5HF3 as I'm still very pleased with it. No inclination to join the MSFS2020 frenzy. Hopefully, we can travel in reality again next year... Herman
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