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  1. Hi Nick I tried running the Vector control panel direct from the file and got the same error. My Vector configurator was 1.6.6 but I also downloaded a clean copy of 1.6.6 using the link you’d posted in the Vector support forum on Tuesday, same outcome I’m afraid. So I’m 99.99% certain it makes no difference on my system whether the Vector AEC configurator is run directly from the file or from Orbx Central. I’m away from my PC till Monday but will check again to be 100% certain. Regards Nick
  2. Hi I believe I also have the Vector error ( Vector Auto Configuration has failed to complete). I always run Vector Auto Configuration after any scenery installs or changes and have never had a problem with it for many years. My system has been stable and fine. After applying the Orbx updates to sceneries issued a couple of days ago (mostly PNW airports I think) I reran Vector as usual but this time got the error. Have verified Vector, restarted P3d and Orbx Central many times but the error persists. I’m running P3d 4.5 hotfix 3. Any help to solve the problem appreciated. Thanks. Nick
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