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  1. Something that needs to be clarified… in a Qwoensland accent it’s not Mackay. It’s M’corwe.
  2. Imperial measurements clearly explained, Jason… https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GDUt-Kbxqsg
  3. Mountains, in passing... They're a bit more daunting when FL3NN isn't an option...
  4. Pleased to hear it. The first time that happened to me I was worried... the second and third: ‘oh yeah... don’t forget..’
  5. Hi Stew Take a look at this thread: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/491556-installing-tongass-fjords-x-prepar3d-v3-v4/ Hopefully that helps. Mike
  6. Not sure which is worse... no crowds, or the sound of crowds piped through the PA...
  7. Really looking forward to this one. Thanks for continuing to provide scenery for the ‘old’ sim. Mike
  8. I don’t geddit. Associations tend to be lobby groups. They try to influence decision makers to make their members lives easier, or members to bring up their level of participation, engagement, performance, provide a service to, whatever. This just seems... frankly, pretentious.
  9. What Rodger said... currently making my way down the US east coast on my way from Brussels to Havana. As soon as the first of ‘the rest’ of LC is out, I’ll be in and out of India in the 772 a bit.
  10. Team I’m not particularly active here anymore, though I do stop in most days. There continue to be many times when I marvel at the work you have done. I few a jet to the bottom of South America a few weeks back. Not only did I find scenery rivalling Alaska, there was a freeware airport to land at. The looping departure was delightful. Last week, I departed one of Mir’s airports bound for for Skopje. Again, the views... Finally yesterday, I was able to fly from Brazil to Italy, skirting the African coast, all with OpenLC beneath. I look forward to being able to do the same to Singapore within the next year or so. I know that a lot of focus has moved to MSFS, understandably. However, the work you have done with P3D is still appreciated by, I’m sure, more than just me. Now I shall return to my lurking as I patiently await OpenLC next to be released.
  11. Apologies for the necro-threading... I am having the same issue. I have the AI traffic installed in the main Orbx library, rather than the default scenery location. I had a duplicate RAAF bgl in both folders, so I 'off'ed the one in the default scenery location and reinstalled the package via Central (V4). The new bgls are all traffic_FTX dated March-May 2019. I couldn't find any traffic_orbx related to AU. Any ideas for what I'm not doing right? Thanks Mike
  12. Not much different to the dolphins in NT or North Queensland. Further south, in my neck of the woods, it’s either a dolphin or erm... white pointer.
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