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  1. The Official Folder/Onestore...
  2. The recent Sydney update is working fine as long as you place the file to top of the main stack (see last photo) to eliminate 2 Sydney bridges. 2 Sydney bridges seen..
  3. That's an impressive site in the sim, so to see it in real life as it happens, must be quite an experience. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for bringing that to my attention, I notice that with the ANZAK bridge also.
  5. "G'day mate", "that's a cute little fokker". It had to be said. It's good that the sim community is catered for with all sorts available, Good clean shots TTM...
  6. I was thinking the same question that you have submitted. Well done and thanks.. James
  7. Wayne, I am sorry I misunderstood the term PG. I thought you meant Points of Interest. I take it PG stands for Photogrammetry, then No PG is still on. I assume Orbx cityscape supresses the original PG buildings to show the Cityscape and allows others non Cityscape to show also. If you look close at the shot from the sky tower you can also see PG buildings there.
  8. Hi Wayne See answer further below.. Best wishes.
  9. At last after a long wait, it's over. Australia is here and all I can say is "Wow. I will admit that I am using Orbx cities with world7 as I have found them to be better than the photogramy from Asobo (although very good) So join me on my stop over in Sydney. An overflight caught this different view: I booked myself into a cheaper hotel in the city centre The Orbx Plaza and this is my view from the room: After I settled in, it was time to get out and about, so camera and drone at the ready, off we go. I used the drone from the park just outside St Mary's Cathedral for this shot: After a meal at the top of the Sky Tower, I ventured out onto the viewing cage for this shot: After a walk over to the bridge, I was a glutton for punishment and took the climb. Oh oh, that was fun, so off to Luna Park for some more: What a great day in Sydney, but evening was approaching fast: Then it was time to say goodnight Sydney: As a UK simmer, Australia 2020 ud7 has change the sim for me, as I have been flying Oz for months. Now it's a new discovery again. Now Orbx, I am ready for all your new Oz stuff.
  10. That's quite an iconic tower there Adam, with a combination of the old and new together. Thank you...
  11. Love them, I did not know until recently that QANTAS is the acronym for "Queensland and New Territories Air Service". They have come a long way since those early day beginnings. Thank you boetie...
  12. MSFS 2020 is still enthusing me with it's delights for short distance general commercial flights. (Smaller airlines) Here we catch a McKinnon air services return flight into Cambridge airport Hobart. Cambridge does not have an ILS landing system, so the OBS feature of the Garmin G1000 NXi, is a great assistance to lining up with the runway from a few miles out. Cambridge and Hobart main are very close to each other and Hobart is the controlling airspace. Hobart is seen under my wheels. Another days work done and left for the technicians to work on.. Until next time, best wishes to you all.
  13. I am still on the learning process of how to get them for general use, but I have to learn all the systems of 2020 repaints before I let them go on downloads. I have done a red one named "Celtic Princess" VH-WJL
  14. McKinnon's "Celtic Spirit" on the apron at Mackay:
  15. Close your eye's, I'm coming through. Top of the London eye looking north west. Top of the London eye looking south east.
  16. Nick, Glad to see you still have your sense of humour and I admire your resolve in yes these very trying times. It has been noted around the flight sim community that you have been left to carry all the flake while the Australian Bosses keep very quiet, in the difficult times. Well done mate.
  17. Go to your App settings page and select Microsoft Flight Simulator. Click Repair first and Reset second. The Reset will delete all you control and camera settings and set it back to default
  18. Thank you for the reply. Ed Correia was very flippant in his answer with London Landmarks compliant, by stating "Best viewed from 1000 feet". Not a very helpful remark for someone who bought the scenery to be able to fly between the towers of London Bridge. Maybe it's the Ozy way but not for world wide consumption I am afraid. Orbx should have been apologizing from the first complaints coming in and recognized something was wrong. You are now seeing a new customer coming on board and to not be very helpful when the forum is stated by Orbx to be the only place to come too, for help for customer support, then some staff are going to have to change. I know for years that each topic was quickly closed/deleted if a Moderator did not accept criticism of Orbx, but I think that culture is going to have to change with the newer upcoming generation. 2020 is going to be a great changer of doing business, Asobo have raised the bar for all of us including Orbx, so the simple answer is change or die and no Orbx customer wants to see that. You are in a position to help that change in the company come about, best wishes to you.
  19. Thank you Jarrad glad to help.. But rest first and enjoy a beer.
  20. Hello Ron Attwood have not seen or spoken to you since FSX day's. Hope you are well and still painting. I only paint for X-Plane these days, but may get into 2020 if I can find the blinkin files.. Haha.
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