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  1. Glad I’m not the only one here.Hopefully Orbx can fix the issue seeing as the Harbour Bridge is the centrepiece of the whole of the cityscape scenery.
  2. Anyone else here have pylons which are duplicated on the Sydney Harbour Bridge after the latest 1.2 update? One too many flags on the top aswell. Doesn't look right.Was tested with both photogrammetry on and off.
  3. I am also get quite bad stuttering at Brisbane Airport (YBBN) Using Brisbane City Scenery aswell from Orbx. Hoping for some kind of patch to improve the fps optimisation around the airport. My specs: 9900k 32Gb RAM RTX 3080 Windows 11
  4. This is from their Facebook page everyone Changelog: Updated Ground Textures. Resolved Issue where there would be a black hole that appears in the ground in-front of the terminal. Corrected Some Height Data around the airport. Added Additional LOD data to objects around the airport. Minor Bug & Performance Fixes.
  5. Definitely the first Orbx that I regret buying.Expected a lot more from them. Hopefully we will get some kind of update.
  6. Yes I agree with XCLTM3,YBBN does not hit the mark like YPAD from Impulse Simulations and Flytampa YSSY. Looks like a rushed job. Off all the products I have bought from Orbx this is my least favourite unfortunately.
  7. Can’t wait for this to land on MSFS. Will complement the Brisbane City scenery really well as well.
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