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  1. Thank you for your feedbacks. I´ve tried with the photogrammetry OFF and like you say, the result is much better, but the quality details of each building are very poor ( i understand why of course). So what is the secret of those youtubers showing very nice results with the photogrammetry ON...
  2. Hello everyone. There is one thing I wonder about, regarding MSFS and the visual results we can get when flying over big cities. I don´t know if it´s about "weak" PC components or bandwidth. I really have a bad graphic results. Below is an example on a static screenshot over Paris and the second one is "the same" taken by Orbx for the Paris landmarks. When i fly (moving), things are getting worth. If those results are in relation with the bandwidth, something wrong is going somewhere because on my side i have a good speed. I´m about to upgrade my PC. My actual components are: GPU: 1080TI CPU: 4770K RAM: 16B 3* (1920*1080) = 5760*1080 In advance thanks for your feedbacks.
  3. Hello everyone. I think we can´t find the landmarks at orbxdirect.com https://orbxdirect.com/product/landmarks-frankfurt-msfs
  4. Dear Orbx team, please upload the Spitfire on OrbxDirect
  5. Hi everyone. I´ve maybe missed something. But yesterday i saw on facebook that DRZEWIECKI DESIGN was offering 40% discount on his scene TOKYO NARITA . Yesterday i saw the discount on Orbx direct, but not available this morning. Any idea? https://orbxdirect.com/product/drzewiecki-rjaa-msfs
  6. I´ve just noticed this little maybe "missing mesh"
  7. Just a quick question regarding the Digital Design scene of GCTS on OrbxDirect. Is it the V2 they release the 21th last month? Thank you.
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