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A Senior Query ?

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For some reason - although I have been handling PC problems for 40 years - I just cannot get my head around these mobile phones

and Tablets that run on Androids - or should that be Steroids:)


I bought the wife a new tablet to replace an aging Samsung one - and which I thought I would use it in conjunction with the PC in the sim

for say - PDF's  - or Checklists etc. - but I am lost:banghead:


Can someone please help an old dodderer as to how to get such things on a tablet using Android?


I do use a second monitor for little map - or checklists etc - but those of course are via Windows

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My Amazon "Fire" tablets download PDF files just fine, and they go into a "Download" Kindle folder.  I don't use it for that in the Sim, though.  Like Wayne, I use mine extensively for Navigraph Charts.  I also use it for VFRMaps, SkyVector and PilotEdge, both to file my flight plan, and to see the PE map showing where other PE traffic is.  I use a 7" for general use, including writing this post.  I have a new 8" tablet that is just for flight sim, and lives attached to my yoke by the Rex Mount.


I have no knowledge of Samsung or other brands of these devices.  The inexpensive "Fire" tablets do what I want. I have three (two active at the moment) and my wife has one. They use the Android protocol.


If you have Saitek/Logitech FIPs there is a checklist available at WWW.fipgauges.com. It's pretty generic, but easily edited.  Gauges from this site do require SPADnext, though.




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15 hours ago, wain71 said:

wish I could help sir, however I couldn't work out how to link so I just use the tablet for navigraph charts...

Thanks Wayne ----  no need to call me SIR - I was only a simple signalman/private in my National Service:rolleyes:

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same as me John, 7 years a signaller in an Infantry battalion all through the eighties, be tempted to say the best days of my life, so far, hopefully retirement will be even better...😁(a few years go though)...never got promoted, I tend to tell people what I think especially if they're not up to it...

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