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Big day for all the Brits today

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The Coronation of King Charles the 3rd take place today - a huge occasion for the UK and the Commonwealth - Royalist or Republican - and we find 

both here in Australia


Doesn't seem 70 years since the last Coronation - but I was there aged 18 and took these pics from the old album - size 120 film - and it rained the whole



Also announced as we were making our way to the stand in front of the Dorchester in Park Lane - was the news that Everest had finally been climbed

5306QEII coach.jpg


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13 hours ago, Rodger Pettichord said:

. And thanks for a great photo, John. The Guard looks like he will give you two more seconds then shoot you.

just checking to see if I qualified for height entry into the famous Guards - even being on the down slope - I think I made it:D

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