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LHSimulations LHBP Budapest elevation issue

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Hi I cannot land, start here as the aircraft instantly crashes. Real airport elevation 495 ft. If I slew in P3dv4.3 to the airport, at ground level elevation shows 509.5. All airport scenes are correct, AI operate at ground level, and my attempts using AEC have not solved it. Searching for any bgl's for LHBP have show files within Orbx Vector, but no other airport bgls. Editing the airport bgl has not produced a change, so it seems the LHSimulation airport and my Orbx files are in conflict.

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I have this scenery and cannot duplicate the problem (I'm running P3D 4.5).

Tried with crash detection both on and off.


LHBP is disabled in the vector configuration tool.


Using the default F-22 spawning on runway 13 the altitude is reported as 501 feet.


This depends on the aircraft selected and may not match official information since P3Dv4 airports are flat.


Wish I could be more help but cannot duplicate the problem.


All the best,



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