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loading Himalaya's

John Heaton

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I am having a problem loading this programme i bought 2 days ago - which - after d/loading 20 GB


has stopped 3 times in unloading and installation -at around figures 28 -- 72  -- and 60 

So now loaded 60 GBs for nothing - plus 6 hours non flying time 

Have restarted computer  twice with no avail

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Thanks Nick - made another attempt and Bingo!! - and a check on community showed 20 GB


maybe you might try something else -I have downloaded on 2 occasions the Impulse packages

the latest ones and the older FD ones

None have ever made it passed Content Manager

 not important but maybe someone should try these freebies

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16 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Hello John,

do you mean the airports, or something else?

Hi Nick -I am referring to the freeby liveries in Central that come from Impulse for the 320 - 787 - and flying Doctor


On a number of occasions I have installed via Central - these liveries and when I have gone to Content Manager 

they have not been installed - so I always go back to Community and delete the lot - --the individual file and the parent file


After asking you - I tried again with the 320 pack and they were not installed - so I deleted the files again - but mistakenly

I left one of the single files - the "Virgin Blue" - and the next time I loaded the 320 the livery popped up Virgin Blue


So last night when closing down - I got Central to install the 320 and 787 pack again - and in the community file - I

removed only the "Parent" file - and a couple of liveries I didn't want - and have just  brought up the sim again - and blow me down

- all the remaining community file liveries were available on aircraft selection


Maybe others might have tried these freebies and got frustrated like I did - and the good work of someone at Orbx by

placing these on Central - wasted - and by error - I found the answer that might just help someone else:)


So now I will try the FD ones for the king air 

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