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Taxiway Lighting at Sumburgh

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Hi there,

23 hours ago, iandavid said:

there is no taxiway lighting at night on 09/27?


Hi there,


Just had a chance to look at this.


According to the latest airport information I have (dated April 2020) there is very little taxiway lighting at Sumburgh.


Here's the relevant section.


Runway light(s):
Blue edge lights on Runway 15/33 from Hold Kilo to the edge of Runway 09/27.
Taxiway light(s):
Holding points designated by retro-reflective illuminated signs and red
stop lights (except Holds F, W and Z which is unlit).


We might have it slightly wrong in that the Blue edge lights only go from hold K to rwy 15/33 at which point we have the runway edge lights of 15/33 taking you to the edge of 09/27 rather than more blue edge lights.

Here's what I see:




We possibly actually have some lights which shouldn't be there (blue edge lights from hold C onto rwy 15/33 and from hold J onto rwy 15/33 appear in the scenery but not in the actual airport information).


The runways 09\27 and 15\33 have edge lights but no centreline lights - again consistent with the airport information.


In the top screenshot is the illuminated sign marking the hold short, I suspect we might be missing the red stop lights mentioned.


Hope somewhere in all this is an answer to your original question!


I guess landing at the airport after dark is only advisable in an aircraft with good lights of it's own.


Opening hours are listed as:

Mon-Fri 0730-2015 (0630-1915); Sat 0730-1430 (0630-1330); Sun 1045-2000

I know that so far North, in Winter, a lot of night would be included in those hours. It's bad enough where I live in the middle of Scotland!


All the best,







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Hi Paul,


The actual terminal is further North (Sullom Voe) but I think Sumburgh is the main airport for Shetland.


It's one of the bits of Scotland I've yet to visit. Furthest I've got North was cycling around Orkney with my wife a few years ago.


On the to do list!


All the best,



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