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Orbx Lights on Runways MASSIVE!

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Got a number of cases where runway lights at a number of your airports i have purchased over time are absolutely huge and im sure this cant be right?


Dubrovnik (1.2.2) - Pic 1

Olbia (1.1.1) - Pic 2 - These lights blink and as seen are massive!

Olbia (1.1.1) - Pic 3 - Spot view seems to reveil a weird beam attached to the lighting of taxiways at LIEO

Pula (1.0.0) - Lights look just like pic 1




Melbourne (3.2.2) was another i had this same issue with ages ago but i was given a file that fixed this, im wondering what causes this issue to start with though?


Also at night FPS at Olbia really drop!? Havent got this anywhere else in the sim at night or day...Not sure whats causing that either




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Hi Nick,


Sorry for the delay.


The 3rd image was really hard to capture what i see through a screenshot but all the blue lights seem to have a beam and then another smaller version of the primary blue light ontop which basically in a nutshell goves off a hovering light effect?

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