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  1. Reporting what maybe a bug at FTX Global/Vector in the St Lucia TLPL Airport area
  2. Where can i view what this current update 1.1.1 has in store?
  3. Hi Nick, Sorry for the delay. The 3rd image was really hard to capture what i see through a screenshot but all the blue lights seem to have a beam and then another smaller version of the primary blue light ontop which basically in a nutshell goves off a hovering light effect?
  4. Got a number of cases where runway lights at a number of your airports i have purchased over time are absolutely huge and im sure this cant be right? Dubrovnik (1.2.2) - Pic 1 Olbia (1.1.1) - Pic 2 - These lights blink and as seen are massive! Olbia (1.1.1) - Pic 3 - Spot view seems to reveil a weird beam attached to the lighting of taxiways at LIEO Pula (1.0.0) - Lights look just like pic 1 Melbourne (3.2.2) was another i had this same issue with ages ago but i was given a file that fixed this, im wondering what causes this issue to start with though? Also at night FPS at Olbia really drop!? Havent got this anywhere else in the sim at night or day...Not sure whats causing that either
  5. I cant quite recall now but their Kos project clashed with the autogen in really random places globe wide and since that was addressed the loss issue was solved.
  6. Ive recently had to move my AI setup to my other harddrive (D) in order for Lights Reborn Pro to collect all the AI material i have as it doesnt work. PFX use to obviously scan AI and user aircraft from PMDG when it was all in P3D simobjects but can i now direct PFX to the D drive as well? PMDG still remains in P3D sim objects.
  7. Defo, the ground taxiway are way too clean, needs some weathering and tan baking to give it some extra candy
  8. Thanks, they do appear much smaller and pleasing to the eye. What settings cause this? The LDDU screens show lights that are also very blotchy and large.
  9. And once again.....as patient as i try to remain i again find myself waiting a decade for some form of response....
  10. I have YMML v3 (Build 3.2.2) I wanted to report or question why the approach lights, runway lights and and even the taxilights are so big?! And to the point that its borderline overkill. I find that when you actually get close to each row of lights they do downsize but its the distant bloom that robs you of the immersion. I searched this subject, found a DDS file which was a replacement SFX 01 upload but this did nothing to improve the look. 2 images added to show what i see at night.
  11. I found the fix for me was down to GAYA Kos...a fix sometime ago now was issued and that fixed everything for me.
  12. Yeah and maybe Gaya can address the loss in trees pointed out in the past to be fixed/addressed....i see you captured exactly that issue in picture 5... I mean its been awhile now since i raised the topic....OH YEAHHHHHHH of course FS2020s here now so nothing else matters! Sorry silly me, i forgot it was a broken sim with no decent payware planes in sight but instead a warship load of scenerys....go figure
  13. Would i be right in thinking Jordan will be part of "Part 1"? I was just taking alook around Amman and there is a really weird amount of green/urban textures used when IRL its actually very arid and desert like.
  14. Great call so thanks! Area 3 is the one! Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore all really need that vast improvement in texture useage, the waterclasses arent much better but the land is in dire need of an update so this will be very interesting especially around Bangkok and Hong Kong.
  15. I do find myself often sitting here wondering what the logic is here with Orbx... Orlando Cityscene.....nice product, cool idea...just no official KMCO airport actually compiled for v4/v5 to accompany it then this product emerges... TrueEarth Florida which surely cancels out Orlando Cityscene anyway!?! I DONT GET IT GUYS!? Why do you keep doing this!?
  16. Curious to know what the updates are for Scotland and England EU that have popped up along with Orlando Cityscene please. Would be a nice idea to have the change content of these updates added to the update queue in Orbx Central as they arent always posted here on the forums ive noticed
  17. Looks good but will there be a P3D version and if so will it work with the 3rd party airports from Simwings and MK Studios? Does it have season changes? The Canary Islands are another perfect area for this kind of project.
  18. Sorry Nick/Carlos, this was already identified a good week or so ago as most likely a GAYA Simulations issue i just hadnt updated posts and suggestions elsewhere but thanks for coming back anyway. Indeed we await an eventual fix from GAYA for Kos.
  19. Hi Doug, Thanks for the reply, you know the sim inner-workings are a funny thing; verifying is something i try and do with the culprits of issues like this normally but i guess i stopped at OpenLC America thinking it was more sinister after trying Global and ORBXLIBS. It seems to have done the trick i believe so thanks.
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