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It would be highly recommended that you post pictures for the moderators to have a clear view of your issue and can assist you better.


I would start by running the verify files tool of the product first. Also ensure your points of insertion are correct. Where it says Orbx regions and airports, the below box should indicate your first third party addon, and the box below Orbx Global Open landclass should be filled out with "Orbx airports and regions"


Sometimes the uninstall and reisntall of the product helps solving the issue too


As you didn't post any pictures I belive your issue could be somthing like this:










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12 hours ago, Sirqthepilot said:

Good day I am reaching out to see if anyone knows a fix for massive blue tiles ONLY in Orbx Florida. I have all other true earth and dont get the blue blocks of death... Any help would be great

Besides running the Verify files option for TE Florida, which is a good initial idea, I also think that it may well be that your GPU/CPU combo is not loading the ortho tiles quick enough. TE Florida is very detailed and, if as I suspect, you are flying a jet, at speed, then the ortho tiles are not loading sufficiently quickly.

I ask that you test this by taking a flight in the default Cessna 172 on a low and slow flight and report back if the same blue tiles appear.

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Hello again I've tried everything in my power to fix this with a cessna at or below 3,000ft Orbx FL works like a charm I currently have an i7 9700f 2070 Super and 32gb of ram... Now I get good FPS in Orbx areas but this happens EVERY time I fly sometimes the airports don't load...  Maybe I should just not use Orbx FL? 


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Please confirm the version of TE FL that you have installed. is it the HD or SD version?

I can assure you it is not a bug in the addon but a much closer to home issue despite your PC specs, as you can confirm when you fly low and slow.

I don't suggest not using TE FL as you will still enjoy some GA flights.

If you have the HD version installed I suggest maybe you want to try the SD version which is less demanding and which is what I use.

Anyway let me know the version you have and we can discuss further before you decide to ditch TE FL:)

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