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Stuttering and pauses

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Just a heads up on what I noticed yesterday flying over Mombasa in Kenya, a low resource scenery area.  I had smooth as silk performance as usual, then I decided to check Google maps for the location of the fort, and left the browser running minimised while I returned to flying.


Frames rates immediately dropped to a stuttery choppy mess.  Shutting down the browser helped to restore smoothness.


It would appear to me from this experience that MSFS might well look for and use all the available RAM Windows will allow it, and if another process asks for CPU time and RAM it then goes into the classic blockage scenario where, like a freeway in peak hour, a bit more traffic clogs it up.  So, if like many you are experiencing these stutters and pauses, might be an idea to check that there are no programs left running.  I imagine that programs like Rex Weather and any supplementary panel drivers etc, map programs, anything in fact, even some elements of AI and ATC in the program are enough to clog it up.


Another thing I was reading today was the efect of moving form 32 to 64GB of RAM, the user who posted said that he has much smoother performance overall because he thinks that some of the memory access for MSFS appears to need to be decompressed and the need is much less when lots of spare RAM is available.  I'll be interested to keep an eye on this.  As I continued my Mombasa flight into the semi desert, after half an hour or so the fps dropped to quite stuttery even though the countryside was essentially featureless.  I wonder if this compressed RAM he was talking about had been accessed after the length of the flight and was causing a system overload?


Seems there are many aspects of MSFS we don't know enough about.

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