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Lowi bumpy runway

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it is by now well known that the Asobo version of LOWI must be removed, or it will cause these problems

in the Orbx version.

As things stand, if it is removed using the content manager, then MSFS will silently replace it.

You can stop this by deleting the Asobo files but leave the empty main Asobo LOWI folder.

Apparently, you can also disable the Asobo version by changing the word True to the word False in its

line in the Content.xml file.

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Happy I found this because I was just about to report the same issue.


Wouldn't it be good if the installation process of Orbx LOWI automatically disabled the Asobo version of LOWI? When you know about this issue. By simply replacing true with false as suggested in Content.xml

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Hi. I have this issue too, with a major bump in the runway. Tried deleting the content of the asobo folder, but it just gets replaced during start-up of the game.


I cannot find a file called content.xml. There are many files called *content*.xml though. I am using Steam and the GOTY version of MSFS 2020, with the latest updates.


Anyone able to point me in the right direction for the exact file I need to update?


Thank you (great scenery by the way!)

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