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Canary Islands Scenery

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Hi all,


I recently bought the Canary Islands scenery which, overall I´m very impressed with, but....


I´m having an issue at Lanzarote (GCRR) and La Palma (GCLA) where the sloping terrain to the north (GCRR) and West (GCLA) is appearing as very steep, almost cliff like, features. It´s throwing the whole "feel" of each airfield off.


I´m I doing something wrong?



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On 3/23/2021 at 9:59 AM, FlightChecker said:

Arrgh....so, it fixed the issue at La Palma and also one at Tenerife, but I´m having the same problem at Lanzarote.


Any ideas would be welcomed!


@FlightChecker  --  Could you attach a closer screenshot of the problem you have at GCRR - Lanzarote? And is it a payware addon airport?

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Hi Sentry,


Attached below. Also having the same issue at GCFV (Fuerteventura).


GCRR is payware, GCFV is not.


Runways follow terrain is checked, I´ve tried it both checked and un-checked.


Thanks for you help.











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Your True Earth installations were in the wrong place. They should all be under, not above, Global Airports. I have rearranged your scenery_packs.ini accordingly plus a couple of other changes.

I note that you also have some MeshXP British Isles files which have the potential of causing a conflict with the TEGB series of addons. MeshXP contains files that are already in the TEGB files like Mesh, trees, buildings and overlay. You may want to consider removing those MeshXP addons.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi John,


Thanks for the input. Unfortunately running with your suggested .ini file resulted in repeated crashes. Back to my original and still the same issue, obviously.


I´ve removed the other meshes to no avail as well.


Tied up in knots now as Airfoilabs update to the King Air 350 is crashing continuously as well....Great fun...


I´ll keep trying!

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Thanks for the feedback. I do assure you though that the re-layered scenery_packs I sent you is not the cause of any CTD you've had. The True Earth files are in the exact correct position directly below Global Airports and in their A/B/C sequence and not separated.

It is sounding more of hardware problem but obviously me in a remote location to your PC cannot confirm that theory especially as you had a CTD when you removed the MeshXP files and also the Airfoilabs update to the King Air 350.

I suggest you try the renaming your Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.BAK and make a new Custom Scenery folder. Drag and drop for example TEGB South files plus Global Airports into the new folder. Run XP and exit. Ensure that the scenery_ packs is layered with Global Airports above TEGB South in the following order top to bottom:





Choose the default Cessna172 and fly from an airport in TEGB South. See if you get a CTD. If not then choose a flight from the same airport with the updated King Air

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