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LIbrary No GB Total


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I have my Orbx scenery on my G drive in two libraries: Orbx Library and TE Library (only True Earth).  When I check the Libraries in Central, the Orbx Library says it contains 617 GB. The TE Library, however, reads O GB. All of the TE sceneries are listed in the P3d v5 Add-Ons drop down.

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This is normal I believe more so if you migrate after installed in P3D folder. 


P3D 5 makes them addon's and that can be a problem if the airports are not migrated.  Why, because the addon can load first before the stuff in the scenery.cfg.  So in my Case the TE SoCa was higher priority over same Burbank.  So as I came into Burbank, TE SoCa was overlapping as I came lower.   So in the addons.cfg file in ProgramData for P3D, The airports came before the TE packages.  That is a text file so I moved the airports after the TE stuff and that fixed the problem.  This only happens after the Airports are place in the Library via Migrate Tool in Orbx Central AND a new TE is installed after the fact.  Anyway, I say all that if someone is landing at a airport and see the scenery trying to update the landscape when it really should be displaying the airport scenery.  Could also be a PD5 issue.


BTW, I just purchased the TE GB package since it was on sale and it is amazing like others have posted,  NEED MORE TE!!!!!



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