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ESMS Malmo Airport CTD ntdll.dll with latest MSFS update

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ESMS Malmo is crashing MSFS ( latest update) each time i load airport. I disabled CGL files but with out any result. 

Event viewer description : ntdll.dll error 

Is this a new bug? loaded many other airports ( payware) EDDK,LOWI,EFHK.LOWW,ESGG and didn't have any issue






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I cannot replicate the CTD as my copy is working fine after the MSFS update.

The CGL issue was resolved in the update so no need to be disabling that now.

I can only suggest the following options to try and resolve the issue:

1. Verify Files for ESMS via Orbx Central

2. Delete the Contents.xml and let MSFS rebuild a new one.

3. Delete contents of SceneryIndexes as per this link. Although this is a fix for disappeared buildings it also rewrites the SceneryIndexes which may assist

4. Uninstall ESMS and reinstall.


Check Windows for ntdll.dll problem:


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Hi Jon 

thanks for your fast reply and support.

Yes i disabled Orbx ESMS and the crash is still there even with default MSFS Airport.

this is really weird issue and i don't think its a system/windows problem as all other airports are working fine.

will make a research or post this issue on MSFS forum 




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1 hour ago, Seth Anton said:

Solved by deleting  UserCfg.opt
…weird things
thanks for your help


Thanks for reporting back, it’s super helpful on our end to get what fixed the issue for the user if we are not able to figure that out.

Hopefully this will can be of value for other customers as well if something similar pops up.




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